Fantasy... or not?  

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11/13/2005 8:28 am

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Fantasy... or not?

This is a thread for the naughty and sexy things that I think about... feel free to comment!

SillieBear 63M

11/13/2005 8:31 am

Sex between the wash and dry cycle... Part 1

It started out innocently enough. It was your usual visit to help me with some of the housework, share some coffee and some intimate conversation. You arrived in the usual attire: Short denim cutoffs that showed a hint of your butt, a tight low cut tank top with a lacy push up bra that highlighted your shapely breasts. Your hair was in a pony tail, clean and simple.

As I greated you with the usual hug and kiss on each cheek I noticed that you had a little extra perfume on. It was your hallmark scent. Your makeup was a bit more sensual than usual and your lips coated with gloss. Instinctively my arms went round you under yours and my hands rubbed your shoulder blades. Slowly I rubbed you from there to just above the crease of your behind, lingering over your bra strap for just a moment. The wicked thought of unsnapping it roared through my mind. As my hands rested on your belt, the though of going lower entered my mind. As your breasts pressed into my chest I resisted the urge, after all you were a longtime friend and we are both married.

We broke the hug and began our work. Helping me with the housework had evolved over time. You first offered to help out when I was separated from my spouse for a time. We were casual friends. The biweekly visits became weekly and our friendship blossomed. Had it not been for my spouse moving back in, we might have ended up lovers years ago. After she returned, it just seemed natural to continue our platonic relationship...

As we went through the usual chores we chatted and bantered.

It was all good until a few weeks ago. I had been on an extended trip (6000 miles) for five months. During that time we called each other and spoke at least twice a week. Long talks... You had watched over my house and we kept up our friendship long distance. It seemed to grow more intense with the separation. We started to say "I love you" before hanging up. You had said it first. At first I was shocked, and then I was happy as I understood that it was the love of a friend and nothing more, nothing less. I wondered if your husband ever heard you say that to me over the phone.

When I returned there was a lot of emotion and a lot of hugging, kissing and touching. Nothing sexual, just two friends who missed each other very much.

Then there was the lunch... we ate lunch, drank coffee, held hands while we watched some videos of the places I had visited. We were together on the couch. There was definate tension between us... for me it was definately sexual, but I am not sure how you were feeling and I dared not ask. That was last week. I really felt the emptiness when we hugged, kissed and you got in your car and left.

The time is flying by and before we know it the work is done, and it is time to part. We make another date and you hug and kiss me on the cheek. I am numb... an epiphany has occurred. I see where this is headed for me. I am no longer safe in my delusion that my interests are purely platonic. Promises to myself to not become emotionally involved now seem hollow and distant. What was I thinking? I watched you drive off and went to the bedroom. The bed was freshly made and there was still a hit of your scent in the air and on my pillows which had touched your breasts. I crept between the sheets and imagined you there beside me. The innocence was forever lost...

Watch this threads comments for PT 2.

SillieBear 63M

11/13/2005 4:29 pm

Sex between the wash and dry cycles...Part 2 The Dream

Two days go by. Few moments slip past when there isn't a thought of you invading my mind. Everything I touch and do around the house reminds me of you. Washing the dishes brings back visions of your shapely figure backlit against the window framed view of trees and pasture land. Your pony tail flips to and fro as you wash and I dry the plates and cups. I realize that virtually everything in my home has been repeatedly touched by you over the course of four years.

The party at your house flashes back into my memory... It was a great party. We all had a bit too much Polish vodka to drink. The main bath in your house was out of order. So we were being sent to the master suite to freshen up. I'd never been in your bedroom, though you had been in mine often enough. I was immediately aware of your had been masked by some fragrance but there was no mistaking it's underlying presence. It surprised me that the scent was not more masculine in the room. This was clearly your domain. A set of lacy blue flowered lingerie were hanging by the door in plain view. I wondered if they were from before or were they lying in wait... ready for the after-party with your husband. Giving in to a sinful temptation, I held them to up my face and softly inhaled. There was very subtle a hint of...???

I was startled by a loud voice in the other room! Surely I had been caught thong-handed! Thankfully, it was just an outburst of chatter! The realization that I had just coveted my friend's wife's womanhood hit me like a rock. I don't think I would have felt so guilty if we were just casual friends. Returning to the party I had trouble with my eyes. I must have mentally undressed you a dozen times, picturing you in the flowered lingerie hanging in the boudoir. The vodka flowed... you took me by the hand and led me into your son's bedroom. Your hand was warm, on fire. Something about a computer program that you needed help with. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, close and touching. You were a bit giddy. Years ago, in my flagrant youth, I would have just kissed you hard, pulled you to the bed and grabbed at your breasts. I've lost two close friends by crossing that line after drinking too much. When nothing happened you seemed to become uncomfortable, shifting your legs. You got very quiet then and showed me the picture of a son that you had lost soon after birth. I held you close...and comforted you as best I could despite the language barrier. Soon, hostess duties called you back to the party. Before the party was over, your husband took me aside and asked me if he could kiss my wife on the mouth! I told him that it was up to her, not me! Looking back, I probably should have said yes, or at least yes if I could kiss you that way!

Saturday morning: I picked up the cell phone to call my buddy next door. I hit "contacts" and "send." You answered. I asked, "Is Brian there?" "No, who is it?" asked someone with a Polish accent. "UH..., hi Ania!" I stammered as I realized that I had called your cell number instinctively. You were in the middle of getting your hair colored. I was surprised and said, "I love the way your hair looks! Why are you coloring it?" In a most feminine, assuring way you calmed my worries and said "It will be like before, little bit more red like when we first met... you will like." I said, "I will like it and it will be very nice, it will be good." You told me that you would be over on tuesday afternoon. We chatted for about ten minutes, ending the conversation with "I love you." I wondered if it really was an accidental dialing on my part.

Saturday night I dreamed of you. We were at a wedding reception. You were dressed in a black evening gown, your hair sparkled with reddish highlights, coiffed just above your ears. Your long shapely legs flirted with the slit of the long flowing dress. We were in each others arms...dancing and feeling the combined warmth of our bodies. The room slowly darkened around us, the light shone from above, your eyes and hair sparkled, and you were flushed with excitement. We were alone on the dance stage. You pulled your body into mine and I rubbed your shoulders and ran my hands all over the small of your back. My right hand went lower and held you firmly below the waist while my left hand held your chest tightly to me. Your breasts pushed softly into my chest and I though that I could feel your nipples stiffen. You put your head firmly onto my shoulder and I nuzzled and nibbled at your left ear. The skin on your neck was warm and moist... I ran my lips from under your ear to your cheek, then to the temple and planted a soft kiss, then back into your hairline, down and back behind your ear...breathing shallow and soft and warm, kissing all the while. Then back to your neck for a quick flick of my tongue. I teased you this way and the third time around you turned your face as I crossed your cheek and I could not avoid your lips. You just held them there, barely touching mine, as if to say "Here I am, you can't skirt the issue any more. Take me or leave me..." At that moment I knew that we were at a crossroads. The music became raucious... the room began to brighten and become indistinct. What was that beeping...some new kind of Techno? I hate it! Oh God... it is the alarm...I'm dreaming. I am almost frantic. Please don't let this be a the room slowly comes into focus.

End of Part 2

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