What Happend To Good Old Fashion Flirting?  

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12/25/2005 11:42 am

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What Happend To Good Old Fashion Flirting?

Merry Christmas to everyone! I am filling in some time until the frenzy of family and friends arriving, and decided to add a post and check in on my bloggy friends.

Of course being it Christmas I almost feel a need to stay somewhat censored. Hard for me to do you know? What has been on my mind lately is G rated enough...Flirting. Good old fashion flirting. Now I realize that I'm married so I have taken my antics down a couple of notches, but I still do it just to keep my hand in. I flirt for the same reason that retired pro athletes still train, so that you keep your edge and stay mentally young. Now I have to admit that the purpose of my flirting has changed, its no longer about securing a phone number, or even about giving the guy something to think about. It's more for me then anything. After I got married guys started to notice me less, I had the proverbial MARRIED stamped across my forehead, even if they didn't notice my left hand I still had the married look. I decided not to take this lying down. I decided to start my flirting again. When I was in High School and in College I was a pro. Some guys even went so far as to call me a dick tease. I flirted so much that I didn't even know I was doing it. Shy girls used to hook on to me in hopes that my tactics would rub off on them. They counted on me to break the ice among a group of Studs and get things flowing for them. I couldn't let my friends down, and so it drove me even more. I was cute then, even pretty but I was not hot. Yet, if it was between me and a hot cheerleader I was the one that usually got the guy. I had to rely on my personaliy, wit, and flattering flirting. I was also super smart. I always planted myself next to the cheerleader that couldn't put a sentence together and wouldn't stop looking in the mirror. I was almost always more interesting, and with the way I flirted they couldn't tell if they were going to get to sleep with me or not. It was the mystery that got them, I created a ton of mystery.

Recently I have been on a roll. I blame the new highlights that my stylist insisted on. Also, the fact that I'm married so there is no pressure, and the fact that I never go over the line so if my flirting is lost on a particular guy he could just brush me off as being ultra-friendly. Last night I ran to the liquor store before my husband came home from work, I was in search of a couple bottles of Champagne for a gathering last night, and mimosas this morning and a Christmas dinner toast. The liquor store guy was brutally HOT! We flirted and he smiled and during the course of the convo I learned that he was a former Marine. (weakness for me) He mentioned this after I mentioned that my husband had just left the Corps after 12 years. I'm always careful to mention my husband during my flirting exercises. Still high on my "I-Still-Have-It" feeling, I rushed home and stopped at my neighbor Stephanie's house. I regaled her with the story of the hot guy and our conversation. She being single and in a hot pursuit of a compatible male decided that she just couldn't be without another bottle of wine and had to see him for herself. Then she asked me if we can go out sometime soon and teach her some of the fine points of flirting. I love it.

My question is what ever happened to the delicate non-verbal seduction dance between potential companions. I feel almost out of date flirting in todays society. It can't always be one night stands can it? The friendly banter and sexual innuendos that is what gets me high. And just so you know, my husband is my most used target for my flirting. In just one sentence I can twist a perfectly normal daily conversation into a glimpse of what he will have waiting for him when we get home from work and I can leave him speechless. Ladies, lets bring back the flirting, make an effort this week to bat your eyelashes at at least one hot stranger this week and report back. If you get a phone number out of it...your welcome in advanced. And if you want flirting lessons, I'm $1.99 of the first minute and .99 for each additional minute!

Happy flirting!


bangingmyhead 54M
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12/25/2005 1:24 pm

I don't think flirting is lost at all. I service a retail chain and find that my job is perfect for flirting with customers. They take it as that I'm very friendly, and if I can get a smile from someone, that makes my day better. I think that I've done my job well when a female employee who has been reluctant to learn more about my product when I first meet them, becomes enthusiastic when they see me (ahh, there's nothing like getting rubbed against when going over sales numbers).

Semper Fi and Merry Christmas from a former jarhead

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