Sex Resumes  

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2/22/2006 2:40 pm

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Sex Resumes

I'm telling you, these resumes are the way to go, you all heard it hear first. You don't even have to attach your name. If the person you send it to doesn't like your background or experience they simply let you know and you keep sending them out. They are the wave of the future!

I told you that laying in bed more experiences would pop into my head. Now believe me when I say that I am not censoring anything here. I like the fact that all of you know my true self by now, so there is no need to hold back. However, due to some of my experiences being less than....should we say....classy, I will adametly deny having admit any of this if questioned in a Court of law! I will gladly fry for purgery!!!

Thanks to femisyme for reminding me about this next experience when she propositioned me to add a Kansas wheatfield to my list. KISSES femisyme!

I have had sex in a field. During the day.
I have had sex in a dark parking lot, on my way home from the movies with my then boyfriend. (I had to tell you the whole story, you would have thought I was a HOOKER!!!!)


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