I Love My Kitty  

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12/12/2005 2:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Love My Kitty

I love my kitty. My kitty is powerful in the way that she can give pleasure, she can bring new life into the world, and she can leave 'em begging for more.

I started to think about my beautiful kitty while I was in the shower after my Saturday morning workout. I started to think about this part of my anatomy in a different way. All of the things that I do for myself in an outward appearance kind of way is nothing compared to what I do for my kitty. Not my professionally tended locks, not my professionally tended nails, not even my eyebrows. No, my kitty is special, she has her own Physician that takes care of her. She has her own groomer that keeps her appearance sexy. She has her own extensive wardrobe with pretty Lacy things. And yes, my kitty even has her own toy box with colorful and stimulating toys.

My kitty is spoiled by a man that lavishes undivided attention upon her whenever she likes. He likes to tickle her and make her reach maximum heights of pleasure when he kisses her hello and goodbye. Soon maybe a pretty girl and her kitty would like to come over and play with me and my kitty. Kitty and I will wait and see.

The care that I bestow on my precious vagina is only because I have learned to incorporate positive behavior acknowledgment into my interactions with her. She taught me so long ago how she likes to be touched in order for her to be pleasured, and therefore pleasure me. If I wasn't empowered with this knowledge, I would be clueless in bed with a man,,, or a women. Self exploration is the first step in learning how to get it right. This is why I spend so much, time, money, and energy in the upkeep and happiness of kitty. By paying attention to her, I have learned about my own pleasure. So I say to you,,,Women of the World, Unite and Pleasure Yourself Right Now! If Only in the Name of Self-Exploration!


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