A Mid Week Challange  

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12/28/2005 10:47 am

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A Mid Week Challange

What is it about life lately that makes us all so busy? Though inconvenienced, how much more relaxed were we when all we had was a home phone and office phone? If we didn't answer either one then oh well, catch up to us later!

I have had a cell phone since I was 16, then it was part of my anatomy, a forgien device that was growing out of the side of my head. Now it floats around the bottom of my handbag, I could careless if I hear it ring. I actually once became so overworked and forced to my breaking point that I shut off my cell service for 6 months. All that transcended from that experiment gone awry was an influx of emails and calls to my home and work. They found me anyway. Plus I felt like an outsider not having a cellphone, a complete black sheep. My reasoning that if I was ever in trouble I can always find a phone, like before cellphones were ever invented, couldn't have been more wrong...where did all the pay phones go? So once again, I am a slave.

I am commanded by the ring of my home phone, my cell phone, work voice mail, home voice mail, cell voice mail. Work fax machine, home fax machine. Work email, my private email, my shared email w/ my husband, corporate email, my Mobile sidekick. I'm sure that I am missing some device somewhere. It's enough to make our heads pop isn't it? The one thing that I cannot get used to is people talking on their cell phone when there is human contact in front of them, IE paying for dry cleaning while on the cell, paying for groceries while on the cell, getting your nails done while on the cell, I even saw a guy talking on his cell while he was JOGGING!! People get infuriated with me because I will NOT answer my cell phone while I am conversing with a human, especially if they are in the middle of talking. I always get the "why have a cell if your not going to answer?" Are we that busy as a society? Are we really getting anything done? All I do all day is answer all of my communication devices, I have other things to do that barely get done.

For a while there every time I answered a phone it was bad news. I'm a paralegal you can imagine some of the news I get, we lost a million dollar case to another firm, the Judge ruled against our motion, the jury can't reach a decision, my research just became out dated due to precedent etc. Also there was always bad news on the home front for a while too. I felt like a dog under Pavlov's response every time the phone rang. I had to dip into my emergency stash of tranqs in my desk. (memo to self refill Rx)

I know that the usual question asked is what is all of this technology doing for us. I think we should be asking what are we doing with the technology. If at least 50% of it's use is for pleasure, we may be happier as a nation. If when we opened our email and there were photos of our grandchildren or friends who live on the opposite coast from us, or if we answered the phone it was a neighbor from our old neighborhood saying hello, or if one piece of mail wasn't from Visa or the DMV we may be able to live balanced lives after all.

Today we should write someone a letter. A real letter, written on an actual piece of paper, using a pen (remember those?)If that is completely and utterly impossible, we should call. It will probably be their first call in a while from someone who wasn't looking to borrow money, wanted a payment on something, or needed to survey what radio station they listen to from 9-5. Maybe we can make this a resolution, maybe not but doing this for one time since we were 12 won't kill us. And cards are not allowed, thats the easy way out. Maybe you'll choose a person who you are not getting along with, maybe an old neighbor, an old teacher/professor, former boss. The list is endless of people who would love to know what you have been doing for the past 1, 5,15,20 years. Make them smile today, let them see a personal envelope among the Master card bills and "Have you seen me" solicitations. They'll appreciate it.

Today on my way home from work I'm going to swing by the stationary store and order a really nice (read: expensive) set of embossed stationary. The kind that my grandmother had with her initials really fancy on the top. I'll also pick out matching blank paper, just in case my letters are so reminiscent and chock full of wit that I need several pages. I'll probably get suckered into spending more money than any person ever should on paper products, but if thats what it takes...

Thinking about it, I think my new found inspiration for letter writing is primarily based on my reading Paul Burrell's book about Princess Diana. Great book BTW, confirms my suspicions that she was whacked by the royals. Princess Diana wrote a letter of thanks to everyone who shared their time with her, sent gifts, let her listen, or provided her services of any kind. Well...if a Princess had the time....I guess I do too!

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