Right time to start asking questions!  

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10/28/2005 9:12 am

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Right time to start asking questions!

Alright so everything works!

So I managed to write two blog entries within the space of an hour trying to get them to work, and it seems they do, which is great, and thank you to leyndokona2 who even was kind enough to give me a comment,

I didn't manage to post last week as I had to work the weekend and working away for two weeks in a row seemed just to take it out of me, so when my poor old car crawled in this week I though I'd just post now instead of waiting until Saturday.

So anyhow after the advice of were to look I was given, its come down to keep it short simple and have a question people are going to respond to.

Problem being I can write forever on useless junk blabbering on and on (like now).

Anyhow a question that's probably been asked and answered a thousand times before keeps going on in my head, why is it, on checking and reading peoples profiles that most women have four of five posed pictures, I'm not saying non nude here just posed, you get a full body picture or at least a facial picture, then on scrolling down I find the male pictures on there friends list all seem to be penises lobbed out over the top of there trousers?

Do women seem to think that a facial is better than body shot and do men seem to think a "head" shot means the purple head inclosed in there underwear?

On thinking on this its boggled me even more so than when I began.

Thoughts and comments?

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