Rubik's Cube  

SigEp4U 42M
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3/17/2005 9:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rubik's Cube


Without my wife around as muchone of the things that I have had to deal with is just boredom. Well I picked up a Rubiks Cube that was lying around the house and I can now solve a Rubiks Cube!


u_look_good_n_me 45F
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3/17/2005 11:25 am

BIG WHOOP! Anybody can do that. All you gotta do is peel the stickers off...LOL..j/k Sadly, that's the only way I had enough patience to solve one.

papyrina 51F
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3/17/2005 11:46 am

so can i ,i learned how to pull the dam thing apart lol

I'm a

i'm here to stay

green_eyed_lover 30F
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3/17/2005 11:59 am

wow. you should be very proud of yourself. and of the pretty colors in your writing.

rm_sapphire71 45F
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3/17/2005 12:52 pm

I had to peel off the stickers, and move them around. I could never get that damm thing.

ReadyToTango46 57M
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3/17/2005 2:41 pm

Did you do that all by hand SigEp4U or do you have an editor that lets you do that? Heh, I'd love to see the code for that message.

BTW, if you have an editor would you be willing to share?

SigEp4U 42M

3/17/2005 7:54 pm

To everyone... yea I have tore them apart before as well as pulled off stickers... lol... but there is a trick to it and I finally figured it out.

ReadyToTango all by hand dude... told you I was bored. If I knew how to post the code without it actually doing what it was suppose to do... I would. It's about a page long in MS Word in 10 point font. I did do something that made it a little easier. I wrote out one line of the code and then just copied it over and over... then went back and inserted the message.


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