Man work is going slow today... so what's on my mind?  

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2/22/2005 1:03 pm

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Man work is going slow today... so what's on my mind?

So what is on my mind? Sex of course... sex and the lack thereof. Especially after spending the morning online here looking at all of the beutiful women in my area that are seeking what I believe I have to give.

So what is a man suppose to do in my present situation.

I am married. I'm just not in a close intimate relationship with my wife. To tell you the truth... and I know that a lot of women and men might not believe this... especially since I am on this website... but I really don't want sex with anyone but my wife.

Of course that doesn't stop me from dreaming about it... or even contemplating what if's.

So as I see it these are my choices:

1) Castrate myself and forget all about sex...(more likely that I would castrate the other guy)
2) Stay married and hope for the best and do nothing to relieve the sexual tension. (I don't think this one is even possible)
3) Stay married and try to work on the relationship and just masterbate as needed.
4) Pursue sex outside of marriage.
5) Seperate and start a new relationship or no strings attached sorta relationship

As you can guess from my first post I have opted for option #3... at least for the present. Notice I included the clarifier of "at least for now". What might be settled in my mind today could be completely different from what I decide to do next month.

Of course there is another option that is available and is in all actuallity what I am doing righ now. That option is to stay married, pleasure myself as needed,... and develope friendships with other women... just in cast things go even further south in my relationship with my wife.

Of course I don't really need to be online to develope friendships with other women... I have never had trouble attracting the attention of females... some males for that matter.

Sorry guys... I considered it at one time but I am pretty much set in my ways now... only women. I don't have problems talking with other men... so if you want to make any comments feel free to do so.

As you can tell by now I like to write... so for some of you who can barely read, "See Jane Run" without getting confused this is not going to be the Blog for you.

Anyway... just bored and decided to type... it takes my mind off the boredom.


4EverYoungFL 66M

2/22/2005 8:01 pm

As someone who as been where you are now, I can relate. It is a serious problem, particularly when there is a sexual mismatch in a marriage. And, it is an even bigger problem in a situation like yours (as well as in mine) where we are still in love with our wives.

All I can suggest to you is that you move VERY carefully and slowly. You must think about what you have and what you stand to lose if you stray and get caught.

I am of the opinion that in the vast majority of cases, married people who engage in outside relationships get caught because they WANT to get caught. There are multiple motivations for this, not the least of which is guilt.

So, before you even contemplate pursuing a sexual relationship outside your marriage, spend lots of time in self-analysis, to make sure of your motivations. If it is simply to "get your rocks off," then keep doing what you are doing, or consider going to a prostitute, for that occasional thrill. However, if there is a deeper emotional need, then you may be ready to change your path.

Hope this helps.

SigEp4U 42M

2/23/2005 9:33 am

bjblogger... I can tell we are riding down the same river.

There is definetly a deeper emotional need that is not being met. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I do not consider "a little on the side" to be an effective solution. I know that it is not going to meet that need.

I'm not looking for sex per say... more the emotional connection that I feel after sex with a person that I am deeply in love with.

I believe that maybe in part that is why I am on here... looking to fullfil that emotional need... through friendship and by just venting in general.

Anyway thanks for the comments


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