How come do people fail to show up?  

SigEp4U 42M
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3/10/2005 12:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How come do people fail to show up?

In reading some of the other blogs on this site… there is a recurring theme that I see taking place that I do not understand. Why are women being stood-up? I mean dang… you pay your money to AdultFriendFinder so that you can view the profiles of women, you take the time to get in touch with a woman, you find a woman that is interested in you, you arrange a place and a time to meet, and then you don’t show up… what kind of idiot would do something like that. Blows my mind…

The only real theory that I have heard that makes any sense is that...

The person has misrepresented themselves. They really are not who they say they are. Tsk, tsk… see it does pay to be honest. What’s the point of being dishonest about who you are if in the end you are never able to meet anyone because of the dishonesty? That’s just downright stupidity…

Of course I understand that there are times when emergencies arise, when unforeseen events take place and a meeting is not possible for one reason or another… but come on you can’t tell me that there are that many emergencies happening out there. What… would you have me believe that every ambulance that goes rushing by… has an AdultFriendFinder member in it?

Well after reading LustGoddess2469's updated blog, I have decided I might be wrong about the above statement... seems that there are more AdultFriendFinder members in ambulances going by then what I thought....

I know for myself… if I ever tell someone that I want too meet them, it is because I have read their profile, seen their pics… not just the ones on their profile, but others that would convince me that this person is real… decided that the person is physically attractive, chatted with them on the internet, talked to them on the phone, and then if I tell them I am going to be someplace… it means… that I am going to be where I said I was going to be.

At the same time… I would have to be convinced that the lady on the other end of the line was just as dependable. Why waste my time on someone that isn’t going to show? It just doesn’t make sense.

What is even scarier is the long distance meet and greets… I don’t believe that I would have a problem driving halfway across the country to meet someone on a weekend… if they didn’t show up… talk about a pisser!

So how have you learned to protect yourself from being stood-up?


LustGoddess2469 50F  
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3/10/2005 5:23 pm

Hi Sig,

I don't know how to protect oneself from being stood up. It has happened to me so many times already just in the two short months I've been on I think that's why I kind of over-reacted to my most recent experience. But that situation aside, it just doesn't make sense to me why people would go through all the time and trouble to finally set a date or a meeting and then blow it off. Why bother wasting everyone's time? I dunno...maybe some people get their kicks that way.


SexySquirterGirl 50F
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3/10/2005 10:50 pm

I guess I have been lucky, as I have never been stood up. I always meet in public, usually my favorite little hole in the wall bar, and I usually have my best friend with me. I am over cautious but only because of a very bad situation a few years ago, that changed my life. But that is a whole different story. Anyways I had only talked to this guy a couple times, (not from this site, but a dating site) and he really wanted to meet. I told him I was going out with my best friend to sing karaoke and he was welcomed to come up and meet and hang out. He said okay and he showed up about 30 minutes after we got there. It ended up being more than me and my friend as her whole family showed up, so their was quite a few of us. He walked up gave me a hug, and ordered a beer. He seemed all friendly, but was drinking his beers really fast. About 20 minutes later he tells me has to pee. Comes back and again needs to pee a very short time later. I finally asked him when he came back if he was looking for a way to leave, and he assured me NO, then he held my hand and smiled even more and drank more.. Then he excused himself to go pee again, and that of course was the last time I saw him. At the time I was horrified. I had never had anyone do something like that to me, and I took it extremely personal. I couldnt figure out, why he just didnt say he had to go? Why play it up that he liked me?

I totally believe in chemistry and attraction. If it's not there, move on. I don't want to be with someone who isn't attracted to me, and part of meeting is to see if I click and if the original attraction is real. I have met a lot of guys on-line, I certainly didn't hook up with them all. But for me, it is alot easier for me to meet people this way. I used to never have problems in public, making the first move, or meeting guys in the bar. But that all changed because of very bad situation, and now i am more comfortable getting to know someone via the internet, Im's, web cam, telephone, and once I am ready, then in public. But that's me. I agree with Lusty that for alot of people out there, the internet is a big playground, where they can be whoever they want to be, play whatever games they can get away with, then turn the computer off and return to their real life. Proud that they played so many innocent people.. But the same things happen in real life as well. All we can do is move on and hope the next one is different..

Have a good one,

SigEp4U 42M

3/11/2005 9:59 am

myverysin Your humor cracks me up... I like it.

I think that maybe you all hit the nail on the head... that for some people this is just a big playground. Since they can't see ya... you don't have feelings or even really exist. Sorta shallow if you ask me... but then again... that's life...


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