So many women, so little contact  

SidSpanky 47M
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6/29/2006 6:19 pm

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7/24/2006 8:43 pm

So many women, so little contact

Ok, this is to expound on the blog entry from witty1960 regarding success in finding and or meeting people on AdultFriendFinder The odds of sexual success on aff..
So, ladies, just what is it that makes you all just clam up and not post on the sight? Mind you, I'm not saying anything bad here, I'm sure there are reasons and I'm sure that one of the reasons is that you probably get bombarded with messages from every nut case within a 2000 mile radius. I have a good friend that I met on here and we have a chance to get together usually once a week and I gotta tell ya, some of the stories she tells me about what men want her to do when they e-mail her is just insane. On behalf of the male population I apologize to any woman who has been contacted by one of these ass clowns and made to feel the way she's been made to feel. So, with a site filled with assless chaps wearing, promise you the moon and stars then deliver you a beany weeny if you're lucky, kind of guys; Just how do normal people like myself and others get your attention, what would you like us to do to help you sort out the freak show? Just my thoughts.

witty1960 56F

6/29/2006 11:42 pm

#1. Honesty, something sadly lacking in life.

#2. Respect, just because you meet a woman here doesn't mean you don't have to show her the same respect you would show a woman you meet any other way.

#3. Passion, not love, passion, the kind of emotion that encompasses the first two items and involves that, damn you're cute, fuck you kiss good, oh god yes you make me cum, kind of shivers that keep you wanting to know and do more.

Women might want it all, but everyone needs a goal and after all don't we deserve it??? lol

Ok now I'm horny again lol.

SavorSensations 33F

7/24/2006 4:13 am

It would be really nice to be contacted by guys with some schtick. Schtick is all about playing your cards right. Don't lay them out on the table. Don't show them all at once - just let people take a peek now and then. Play it cool, be aloof. But let the one you want know that you're interested. And don't be a fucking dick! witty is right - have some fucking respect.

shywomanforfun 48F
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8/21/2006 10:08 am

First off thanks for the apology but if you arent one of the "assclowns" then no worries. People are people and no matter how they swing that it spells liars and fakes. Now not everyone is that way and i have found a few and i mean a FEW people on here who are genuine and fabulous. But if you knew how many it took looking through to find them it would astound you. My best advice to you is just be genuine and honest and you should do fine. I have an odd feeling that once woman actually take the time to meet you they will actually find that you are just you and youll have plenty of offers. Just my opinion but best of luck and i hope it looks up for ya soon

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