What am I really looking for?  

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8/12/2006 3:55 pm

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What am I really looking for?

Hmmm, someone that knows how open I am to playing and having new exciting experiences and adventures recently asked me "What are you really looking for?"

Well, I'm looking for what I think ultimately everyone is looking for. I'm looking for love, companionship, happiness, financial security, in general a healthy, happy, stable environment to thrive in and to allow my children to thrive in.

Then she asks, "Well what about the playing thing?"

What about it? Currently, I'm single and I enjoy sex, well, actually I think enjoy is a bit of a weak word here, I LOVE sex. Should I not play around and have some great sex while I'm single? Should I sit around my house when the kids are gone and twiddle my thumbs, or paint the bathroom or lay flooring because I don't currently have "a man" in my life? I think not, I think, that I should play, meet interesting fun people, explore my sexual appetite, find out what really thrills me most so when "the man" comes to town I can tell him.

Anyway, I think what she doesn't understand most about me right now is that I don't "need" a man in my life to make me happy. I have a good life, I make enough money, I have a home, a car, food on the table, beer or wine in the fridge when needed, great friends, great family, the best kids a mom could ask for and access to lots of books and music. Life is Good. If a partner were to arrive on the scene I would hope that he would look approvingly on my indepenence and openness. My friend thinks that he might be intimated.

Anybody else have an opinion? I'd like to hear it, don't be shy.

On with the waves we ride,

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