Siana and her Master...Day 1  

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Siana and her Master...Day 1

The following is the first in a series of Siana stories I began working on some time ago. I had intended to write at least 7 but haven't made it past 3 yet...the particular muse that was circling must have gone on vacation. Anyway, perhaps posting them for someone else to read might give her cause to come back and finish the series with me.
Siana - Day 1

Siana was a beautiful woman, voluptuous in body and spirit. She had everything going for her. She was a woman in charge of her life, she took care of her kids, her house, her work, bills, extended family and friends, always a shoulder available for anyone that needed it. She felt like she was in control all the time, she was often teacher and counselor. Ultimately this is what she considered her biggest flaw. Siana longed for someone else to take charge.

One day Siana was out walking a quite country road. The kids were away and she decided she just needed a day to herself. Approaching noon Siana came upon a fresh water stream, the area seemed well covered and (being a bit of an exhibitionist in any case) she decided to take a refreshing dip. She removed her cotton sundress and her lace panties and stepped into the cool water. As soon as her flesh hit the water her body tingled, nipples stood erect and Siana felt familiar stirrings. She swam for a few moments and then lay on her back floating and as the cool water and hot sun played with her body Siana let her own hands trace her flesh. She loved how her nipples stood so erect and wished only that someone was there to see them, to watch her as she played with them, squeezing one taut nipple between her finger and gently tugging on it. She loved how the water felt lapping against her pussy like someone’s teasing tongue. Siana let her fingers flow down and feel the wet mass of hair, stroking gently at first and then when she could no longer take it she moved to the water’s edge, where she could balance herself, and began stroking her cunt…firm strokes all the way up and down the labia lips, pushing her index finger in to find her taut clit and then vigoursly stroking, harder, faster…while she was pleasing herself she felt something thick against her thigh…on the verge of cumming she cared little what it was and continued to stroke her clit, something pressed against her pussy and she willingly spread her legs to receive it…seconds later, a thick rod was pushing it’s way inside her…deeper and deeper, all the while she tugged and pinched her clit until she came hard. As she was cumming, Siana reached down and touched the thick rod…in a second it bolted in shock and was gone. As the water snake disappeared Siana mused, “that was an unexpected pleasure…I’ll have to come here again.”

Moments later, after recovering from her own exertion Siana swam back to the part of the shore where she had discarded her clothes. As she climbed from the water she found herself looking around for them…”hmmm, maybe I was further upstream when I started”, she thought and proceeded to walk along the shore for a few minutes. 100 yards or so along Siana thought she heard movement behind her. She turned but could see nothing. She continued along the stream and finally about 200 yards up stream she decided that it couldn’t have been this far and began back tracking. As she turned she saw him sitting on a rock by the water’s edge about halfway between her and her clothes that now mysteriously reappeared.

He was tall, thick blond hair covered his head and a light two day growth covered his face. He wore denim shorts and a t-shirt that was tight across his chest accentuating his build. His limbs were amply hairy and immediately gave Siana the impression that he was not just man but “beast” as well.

He motioned her to come to him…she stood fast to her spot. He motioned again, still Siana did not move. Finally he spoke, “You will learn not to ignore me”. Siana laughed and walked toward him. As she did she could feel his eyes on her naked body, she tried to ignore him and walk past but as she did his had reached out and grabbed her wrist. Siana spun round intending to slap him only to catch his back hand across her cheek. “What is your name?” he demanded. Siana did not respond. “Girl, you will learn not to ignore me. What is your name?” he demanded once more. Again, Siana did not respond.

The man took both of her hands and pulled them behind her back. She felt something rough binding her hands together. He then turned her towards him and Siana stared at him defiantly. He reached out his hand and traced the mark he had left on her cheek. Then he hit her again . This time he slapped her even harder. Siana fought tears welling in her eyes and was determined not to let this man think she was afraid. “My name is Robert Troy, and you my little wood nymph may call me Master. Should you slip and call me something that I consider inappropriate you will need to be punished. Siana smirked, “Yes, Masterbater” but before the words were completely away from her lips she felt another blow across her cheek, this time his hand caught the edge of her lip and she could taste her blood as it trickled across her mouth.

He spoke again, “Please, don’t make this more difficult for yourself. You have been found trespassing on my property and I am within my rights to defend my property as I see fit. I believe your servitude will make things right. From this moment till I deem the debt from your violation of my property paid in full, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, you will know that you are mine and must act on my will above all else. Robert then led her to a small cabin nestled a few yards shy of the stream.

Once at the cabin, Robert stood Siana under an outdoor shower and pulled the string sending water pouring down upon her. Siana jumped and squirmed as the water was icy cold. When finished he calmly asked, “What is your name?” Siana finally told him quietly, “Siana.” He then instructed her that when she speaks to him she must address him appropriately. “Siana, Master”, she replied. This pleased him very much as he thought he might have more trouble with her than this.

Robert left Siana standing naked with only the sun to dry her. He went into the cabin and returned a moment later with a small paddle. Siana’s eyes widened. He told her that there was much for her to learn and that during her training she was bound to need some correction. Robert explained that he liked many aspects of a woman’s body and that he intended to know hers as well as any other he has ever known. He stood in front of her then and began touching her. He put his hands on her breasts and cupped them gently at first and then when she did not react he began to handle them roughly. Kneeding and pinching the flesh. Siana could feel herself getting excited despite what she considered to be a violation. Recognizing that he may notice she decided to do something to distract him so she could gain her composure. “I need to pee” she said, matter of factly. He was not pleased to here her speak without addressing him properly…he thought this battle had been won already. Without a word to her he raised the paddle and smacked it down firmly on her left breast. This assault stung and Siana was barely able to keep the tears from spilling out of her eyes. “Master, forgive me, “ she stammered, “Please I need to pee…may I go to the facilities, Master?”. Robert chuckled. “You may pee, but you must stand there…you must spread you legs and allow me to see your warm liquid flow from you.” Siana was disgusted, and stood there looking at him with reproach.

When it became apparent that she would not relieve herself Robert decided that this was something he could help her with. He went back to the cabin and when he reappeared he was carrying a large picture of cool water and a glass. He stood face on with Siana and poured her a full glass. He raised the glass to her lips and instructed her to drink. She obeyed. When the first glass was empty he filled another. Siana began to protest and as she saw his hand reach for the paddle she stood defiantly, refusing to open her lips and accept the cool liquid. Robert placed the glass down and raised the paddle…this time he supported her breast so the nipple was sticking forward and brought the paddle down hard against her flesh. Siana could not hide her tears…they flowed freely, yet she also felt the unwanted tingling in her cunt as well.

Robert then forced her to drink another full, tall glass of water and afterwards brought her over to a picnic table and bent her over it. He untied her hands from behind her but tied each to on side of the table. He spread her legs and tied each ankle to the base of the table as well. Siana then felt his hands on her flesh. He rubbed her ass cheeks, pressing firmly and gripping the flesh hard between his fingers. He told Siana that he thought she had a lovely ass and that he would reward her for having such a bottom soon but first…she had been defiant and she must be further punished. No sooner did he say the words than Siana felt the paddle land hard across her buttocks. Robert repeated the punishment for several minutes, brutally smacking her ass, over and over. By the time he was finished Siana was sobbing openly. No longer concerned with being defiant she begged him to release her, “Master, please…I will obey you, please Master, release me”.

Her words pleased him very much and he felt his already firm cock grow harder still. Robert removed his shorts and his ample member stood fully erect. He moved close to Siana and let the head of his member touch her now welted and reddened ass cheeks. He let his hands stroke along the welts gently and pulled her cheeks apart allowing his rod to nestle between the cheeks and just stood there. He did not attempt to enter her, just relished in the feeling of her swollen ass cheeks holding his cock steady. He leaned forward and reached under Siana and took hold of her nipples. “I want you to relieve yourself…I want to hear your liquid streaming out of you”, he said in a deep whisper. Siana was fearful of not complying and did just that. As she was relieving herself she could feel her masters cock growing impatient…pressing against her flesh. Although he was behind her…Siana assumed that he would fuck her cunt…she had many times received a man from behind but when she was finished, Robert pushed her ass further apart…stretching the skin and exposing her rosebud and without proper preparation or lubracation he began stuffing his cock in her hole…Siana screamed out…begging him to stop at first and then to at least take his time. As if he heard nothing at all he forced his cock into her tight, dry ass. “Mmmm, so tight, mmm so good”, he said and continued for a long time before he finally had his full length shoved inside her. Once there Robert stopped and savoured the feeling. When he did, Siana was horrified to discover that she was wet…not only from her golden liquid but squishy, cummy, wet…she reprimanded herself in her mind, ”You are not enjoying this!”, but her tingling cunt said otherwise. Robert began moving again…gently now…pulling his cock back out slowly and then pushing it back in. After a few times the path was loosening and his member moved easily in and out of her ass. Siana found her self muffling not screams, but moans…she loved the sensations happening to her body now…she found herself rocking back and forth in rhythm with her master wanting more…needing more. Robert began riding her ass…faster, and harder and each time his cock rammed into her, Siana clenched her muscles in an attempt to grip and hold him. He loved the sensation of her clamping down on his cock and felt himself nearing eruption so he pulled his cock from her ass and Siana was left wanting more. "That is all the reward you get must earn your rewards properly in the future" he said as he walked away from her.

Robert cleaned and dressed himself, all the while leaving Siana tied spread eagle on the table. When he returned he was amused to see his Labrador Retriever licking Siana’s ass and Siana, squirming and trying to shoo the dog away to no avail. Robert called the dog off and sent him away. He untied Siana and told her that she did very well for her first day but that she should know…he expected much more from her. “Yes, Master” she said and he led her to the cabin, put her in bed and locked the door to her room.

End of Day One.

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