Setting up the Birthday Present  

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8/18/2006 8:32 pm

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Setting up the Birthday Present

Early on in a relationship that I was in several years ago I decided to surprise my “boyfriend” with a threesome to celebrate his birthday. In an attempt to find a willing participant I joined an on-line community to seek out women who were bisexual. After several weeks of meeting women on-line and not ever being able to hook up with anyone a girl named Belinda asked for my phone number.

Belinda lived in Sydney and at the time I worked relatively near to where she was. After talking on the phone a couple of times we arranged to have lunch together one day to see if we still felt that we were compatible. We met for lunch on a Friday and after a very nice lunch learning about each other Belinda asked if I wanted to meet her again after work.

I went back to the office and phoned my boyfriend to explain that I would be late leaving Sydney and asked if he could pick me up later in the night. He was curious as to why but I just told him that something had come up. He agreed that I would call about ½ hour before I was ready to come home and he would come and get me.

After work I went back to the restaurant where Belinda and I had lunch and she was there waiting for me. We decided to have a drink or two and then head to her place. While having drinks we began telling each other what we liked and disliked sexually. She admitted that she was nervous about getting together with a stranger but that there was just “something about” me that she felt it was a safe option.

We headed to her house about an hour later and she seemed quite nervous as we began to settle in. She explained that she too had a boyfriend but that he was currently away and although she had been involved with women before her boyfriend didn’t know that she was bisexual. She excused herself for a moment and when she returned she had on a long t-shirt that came about halfway down her thigh.

She put the stereo on and put a porn flick in the VCR. I thought this was a bit odd but she explained that it wasn’t the dialogue of the movie that we would be interested in. The movie was quite a show, an all girl sports team, showering together, two or three girls doing each other while several other team-mates looked on or just showered ignoring the scene. While watching the movie I noticed that Belinda's breathing intensified and I reached over and put my hand on her bare leg. Her body was warm and the flesh beneath my fingers was smooth. I faced her and she leaned in closer so we could kiss. Her mouth was soft and wet and we kissed for a very long time. As we were kissing I began caressing her arms, neck, back and finally I tugged her nightshirt over her head and began playing with her tits. She leaned back and allowed me full access to her naked body. She had large round boobs and her pussy was a perfect pink mound recently shaved.

I lay beside her and let my hands wander freely over her body. Every part of her felt smooth. I moved my mouth onto her breast and took one nipple into my mouth gently closing my teeth around it and sucking and nibbling as I went. Belinda began running her fingers through my hair and gently pulling me closer to her. I let my hand slide between her thighs and could feel the heat of her arousal. I pushed the palm of my hand firmly onto her pussy and stroked down and in letting my fingers slip between the folds of her flesh. After teasing her for a few minutes I licked and kissed my way down to her pussy. Using my fingers to part her labia lips I placed my mouth on her juicy cunt and began licking and sucking all about her pussy. She was very wet already and got increasingly so as I played with her. I moved my face over her snatch and found her clit with my tongue. Her clit was hard and she had a small ring that pierced the hood. As she had not had any other visible piercings, I was surprised by the clit ring. I took her clit between my teeth and tugged gently. I could tell that she loved the sensation as she began thrashing and moaning more intensely. I was so enjoying her reaction that I had a hard time not getting carried away. So much so in fact that I had to pry myself away from her pussy for a moment so I moved back up body and kissed her deeply again so that she could have a taste of herself.

Belinda asked me not to stop but I didn’t want our time together to be over too quickly. I asked for a drink and she went and got me a glass of ice water. While she was up she advised me that she had some “toys” if I was interested. Of course I was interested so when she came back with my water she also had several B.O.B.’s (battery operated boyfriends) of various sizes, a bullet and a homemade whip

After I had a sip of my drink we talked, kissed and stroked each other for a while. Belinda could tell I was fascinated by the whip and she began just stroking it gently across my flesh. The feel of the leather on my bare skin was extraordinary. After a few moments she advised me to lie on my stomach. I rolled over and again I could feel the thick leather strips that made the whip gliding across my flesh. She pulled the whip back and I heard a snap as she took the first stroke on my ass. The sensation was somewhere between pain and pleasure. Then the second snap and again contact. God…I thought …what am I doing. The third stroke stung but at the same time my pussy tingled with anticipation. Sensing my excitement Belinda ran the whip handle down my ass towards my cunt opening and pushed the handle just barely into me. I spread my legs to allow her better access but she withdrew the wand and whipped me again…harder this time. I could feel the welts rising on my ass cheeks. “Roll over” she commanded and I obeyed. When I did she straddled my thighs and ran the leather strips of the whip across my breasts. She looked so incredible on top of me. Her large breasts, taut nipples, I reached my hands up to play with them but she moved out of my reach giggling that it was her turn to be a tease. She lay down the whip and picked up one of the vibrators. She held it up and turned it on so that I could not only hear the hum but also see the full length and thickness of the rod. She held the tool just above my pussy letting it touch just below my tummy line, although I tried to squirm to position myself better to accept the toy I could barely move as she had my legs pinned with her body. She traced all around the outside of my pussy first, then with gentle pressure allowed the rod to rest between the folds of my cunt but still no contact with my clit or my pussy hole. Belinda ran the rod up and down and when I tried to push forward in an attempt to have the rod inside me she would draw it away. For what felt like an eternity she moved the rod up and down the length of my pussy taking it away each time that I thought she was going to give it to me.

Belinda then moved her body up and positioned herself just above my face. She told me that I would not be able to cum until I got her off first. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I could feel her heat before she even touched me. I opened my mouth and began exploring her pussy with my tongue. She was so wet that her juices were dripping down onto me as I licked and sucked her for all I was worth. I found her clit and again put my tongue and teeth to work. She began rocking her pussy back and forth across my mouth and I knew she was nearing orgasm. I pushed my face deep into her pussy and using my tongue flicking as vigorously as I could to bring her to orgasm. She rolled off of me and laid spread eagle on the floor so I could position myself between her legs to continue my assault. I grabbed one of the smaller vibes and turned it up full and as my mouth went back to her clit I pushed the vibe deep inside her wet pussy. Belinda came almost immediately, her entire body shaking with the effort. I spent a few minutes gently lapping up her juice and then pushed myself up and kissed her deeply.

A while later Belinda felt revived and got up off the floor asking me to join her in the bedroom. We walked together into the room and when we arrived she advised me to lie on the bed. When I did she asked me to stretch my arms and feet out. I obliged and she began securing my hands and feet to the bed with silk scarves. She was careful not to pull the scarves too tightly but was sure to secure them as well. Once she had me tied to the bed successfully she left the room and came back a few seconds later with the glass of water she had given me earlier. By now the ice was in smaller pieces. She drained the cold water by letting it drizzle across my chest and belly. My nipples reacted by standing at attention. Belinda giggled as I hollered about the cold and advised me that although I was protesting it was obvious that my body liked the cold. She then proceeded by taking a piece of ice and tracing it across my nipple and down my stomach as it melted. After the first piece was gone she reached in the glass and took a second piece of ice. “You like that?” she said as she began with the ice-cube again only this time she followed the ice with her lips and tongue all the way to my pussy. This time she ran the ice along the outer edges of my pussy and it quickly melted with the heat of my cunt. She grabbed another piece of ice and using her fingers to spread my labia apart she placed the ice directly on my clit and let it go…it slid down my cunt and as it did she replaced the cold sensation with the warmth of her mouth.

It was easy to tell that she enjoyed eating pussy as she spent considerable time licking and sucking my pussy. I wished that I were not restrained, as I wanted to touch her as she did me. I asked her to untie my hands so I could help but she said it was a one woman job and that I should just relax and enjoy the ride. After what must have been at least 15 or 20 minutes of her bringing me to the brink and then backing off, I was uncertain if I would ever get to cum. Belinda got up off the bed and left the room briefly. When she came back she had the large vibrator again and this time she also had a small rubber sheath that was placed over her baby finger. She stopped at her dresser and lubricated the rubber on her finger and then came back to the bed. She turned the vibrator on and after teasing me for a few seconds by rubbing it up and down between the folds of my flesh she began fucking me with the thick rod. As wet as I was the vibe glided in and out of my pussy easily and Belinda was a real expert at matching the pace at which she fucked me to my desire. Each time I thought I would cum she would withdraw the rod briefly and then giggling with delight push it back inside. She asked me “Do you want to cum?” and I so wanted to cum that I said, “Please, God, please let me cum” With my response she pushed the large vibe back inside me and began fucking me harder and faster and then suddenly I could feel her fingers at my ass. She rubbed around my bud just briefly and then shoved her sheathed finger in my hole in that instant my cunt began contracting around the rod over and over and I came hard. Returning the favor Belinda spent several minutes gently licking and soothing my pussy and then she untied me.

Shortly after she untied me I called my boyfriend to come get me. On the way home I told him all about my night with Belinda, he was a little disappointed that I didn't share her but soon after his birthday arrived and guess what he got for his birthday?

Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent...hehehe

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8/19/2006 1:34 am

oh my god are you for real if there was anyone who can turn me on it has to be you thank you

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