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Recent Adventures

After several months of a dry spell (well sort of a dry spell, there is always my regular "coffee" date with a friend but me giving him a bj doesn't rank as an adventure, just a good day...hehe) Anyway, after several months of being alone with my toys in the wee hours of the morning, a little over a week ago I met a man that I was introduced to online by a mutual friend.

It was Monday evening the kids were gone (one is gone for the summer) he walks in hands me a coffee and we kiss. He's a beautiful man with kind eyes, a great smile and he has that "man" smell about him...mmm. Gotta love the fact that he showed up with his own little bag of tricks as well. We sit on my couch and chat for a few minutes about what we like and within 10 minutes we're up stairs in my bed. He has a wonderfully open and obliging attitude and began with giving me a massage. Mmmm his hands know how to move on a body.

After my massage I just had to put him in my mouth. His cock was firm and smooth and clean shaven. I loved the feel of him in my mouth. I took my time but was a little uncertain of myself and more tentative than usual. Don't get me wrong, I'm a good little cock sucker but I was unsure of what exactly he would like and not completely comfortable enough yet to ask. Before the end of the night though I was asking and telling him what I liked.

He did me so many ways I scarcely think I could recount them but my new fb used his hands, his toys, his cock and his kisses to bring me to several orgasms throughout the evening. My favorite was having his cock in my ass...I haven't had a good ass fucking in quite some time and although a little uncomfortable at first, we found our rhythm and judging by the fact that we were together again last night...I don't think either one of us was disappointed with our first coupling.

So that brings us to last night. OMG what’s a girl to do with such a man? Eager to please, eager to teach me new things and bring me to new heights, I thought about chaining him in my basement and keeping him but alas, I don’t have a basement…Dang!
For days before last night I was imagining things we had talked about on line, tying me up, inviting our mutual friends to join us, bring a gf of mine in for a visit. I walked around in heat for four days anticipating our next adventure.

He got here, I had been ready and waiting. I gave in to the bottle of peach wine in my fridge and poured a glass, sat at my computer and did some writing. I haven’t been writing much lately but I did have some inspiration prompted entirely by my anticipation of having my new fb in my bed again. Anyway, he got here, I met him at the door wearing only the new negligee I had been saving for just such an occasion. We kissed, he asked how I had spent my day and I told him quite truthfully that I spent the last several days thinking about him tying me up. He smiled (great smile). So we settled on the couch he had a beer, I finished my wine and he told me to lay back and masturbate for him. I obliged, mostly because I love being watched but also because I knew I would get anything I wanted from this pleaser of a man. I was doing myself, he watched for awhile and then began touching me with the cold bottle he had just emptied. First just rubbing it around my outer thigh, then on my shaved pussy and moments later he was pushing it inside me. It didn’t take long for me to cum and once I had we took ourselves up to my bed.

Once upstairs the adventures really began. Due to multiple orgasms and sheer exhaustion I may not have the details in any particular order. We talked about past experiences, outdoor public bj’s, fucking, etc. We talked about best experiences etc. Most of the talking was while I was sucking his member. As I've said already…I’m a good little cock sucker, I love the whole power trip of being able to make someone cum. I love a man that will say what he likes, I sucked his cock, licked his balls, licked the space between his balls and his ass and fingered his ass and this was no quicky bj, I got to take my time (…guys…I know you want to cum but let a woman take her time and you will not be disappointed I promise.) Much of the time I was doing him he was doing me with his wonderful hands and giving me the spanking of a life time (Love to be spanked by a man that knows how)

After the bj, it was my turn he kissed, nibbled and sucked on various parts of me. Then it was time to tie me up. I was nervous. Very nervous. (I had been tied up before…many years ago and it was one of those, we’re young, we’re kinky, lets tie each other up things but we were both novices and he had no idea how to please me once I was tied up) My new fb however was sweet and encouraging and understanding. He checked some limitations with me i.e.…can he say dirty nasty things to me? Etc. Then he tied my feet together, had me position myself on the bed properly and tied my hands placing them up over my head and commanding that I leave them there. Next the blindfold went on. Cool steel touched my flesh and I felt him securing nipple clips attached to each other, seconds later I felt something placed firmly in my ass and something else in my pussy. Then a silver bullet applied to my clit. The magic began. I was stimulated, over-stimulated, and he threatened to take things away I begged for him to continue. I promised to fuck him anytime he wanted. I agreed to be his dirty little slut. He pulled on the nipple clips and added his hand to the action below. When he was finished I was on the verge if not over the edge of hysteria, giddy, teary eyed, my whole body felt smooth and wonderful. He gave me some time to recover. After a few minutes, I was breathing normally but quite intoxicated from my recent activities. I wanted to taste him again and began playing with him. Sucking, licking, all good things I wanted to make him cum. He wanted to cum and was willing to let me suck him and drain him but thought if I didn’t mind he’d like to cum in my ass instead. How could a girl refuse an offer like that…hehe

Once again, the initial entry was quite uncomfortable but he took his time, he helped me relax and before long his marvelous cock was full in my ass. The best ass fucking in my life ensued. I’ve never tolerated anal sex for more than a few minutes before but we went at it for some time. He penetrated deeply, then pulled away and came back, sometimes, ramming me sometimes gently massaging my ass with his cock back and forth between riding my ass and slow smooth fucking. I had the best orgasms, three I think but I couldn’t swear it wasn’t more.

Afterwards, we cleaned up, he crawled in bed for a nap, I headed outside for a smoke and returned to cuddle next to him. We set the alarm for the morning, to make sure we didn’t sleep in but we had also arranged for our mutual friends to come and join us and expected to wake to their phone call sometime between 2 and 3 am.

2:39 am…the phone rings, our friends are on the way. Discovering that we were sleeping they offered to cum another time but HELL NO, we had napped…we were good. Come on over. I came down and let them in. Shuffled them upstairs and after sitting on the bed for a moment chatting I clapped my hands and said “get naked”. They obliged. We sat naked for a few minutes. The woman advised that they don’t make the first move so I said well, why not let me do you to get things started. A wonderful wet pussy, large boobs and willing attitude…all good things. I began licking her, fingering her and enjoying her wetness, seconds later I felt her husband fingering and licking me. I lift my head to see her sucking my new fb’s cock. I was so hot and wet, the hubby is a gifted guy, so much so that at times I was distracted from my own job (sorry wifey) but in the end she and I both had lovely orgasms so all was not lost. Next I got down on hubby’s cock and began sucking and licking him he was very close to cumming so I had to be careful, he kept telling me that I was going to make him cum so I backed off, went slower, changed actions…you know all the little distractions that get a man off pace a little. Every couple of minutes though…I couldn’t help but bring him to the verge of his orgasm. Finally he reached that point of…I don’t care…I want to cum and I obliged and felt his load pulsing down my throat…mmm, tasty. (Nice thing about hubby is that when’s he’s done…he stays hard…now that’s impressive!) After licking him clean I moved over to help wifey with my new fb (not that she needed help but I couldn’t help myself) after a few minutes she gave him over to me and her and hubby got on with pleasing each other. Eventually they were fucking, we were fucking and after a bit my new fb asked if I’d like to switch. Who am I to disagree. So hubby’s fucking me, my fb is fucking wifey we’re all touching each other, and the noises and heat are building in my bedroom. Finally, I hear wifey cum and my new fb is right with her, this of course gets me over the edge and I am soon to follow with hubby. We stroked each other and talked for a bit about unrelated things and wifey and hubby headed home. Once again my new fb and I cleaned up and settled in to get some sleep. All too soon the alarm was waking us. Gentleman that he is he encouraged me to stay in bed as I had no urgent plans for my morning and he had to get going. I offered to make breakfast but he assured me that Tim Horton’s could fix him up on his way out of town.

Alas, schedules being what they are I likely won’t see him again till month’s end, I really should invest in that basement…haha. To his credit I’ve now had two firsts with him and look forward to several others. In the meantime though, I have other stories to tell about past experiences so I’ll be around and with any luck wifey and hubby will be available again soon…hehe.

PS. Girls he’s on this site and if he gives me permission I might just write a testimonial for him…hehe

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