What a Week!  

ShyntheCurious 54M/52F
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8/31/2006 3:26 am
What a Week!

This week has really been awesome.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we had some really awesome sex and satisfied both of us for a few days.

Then the weather got 20 degrees cooler.
Yesterday, we were able to take a ride on the scoot after dinner.
We went to Oolagah lake. Really we went to Will Rogers birth place to watch the sun set, but it was closed. The birth place, not the sun set.
Then we drove over the dam in to Claremore and back to Tulsa.

A couple of the low lying areas got down right cool, but after the 100+ days we've had, it was a welcome change.

This nicer weather has brought my attention to a medical malady that is making it's rounds this late summer.
Rectal Glaucoma: You just can't see your ass going to work.


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