Breakin' our Swinging Cherry - Part II  

ShyntheCurious 54M/52F
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8/26/2006 5:08 am
Breakin' our Swinging Cherry - Part II

Last night we went to a swingers club.
A couple that we know have joined and love the place. They had recommended that we go on a Friday night as that was a slower night.

I called ahead and talked to the owner to ask some questions, he said he would be there at 8.

Shy had bought a new dress for club. She looked so hot. I swear, she just gets hotter and hotter everyday.

We get there about 5 after 8. The owner is very nice. When we walked in, he came right up to us, introduced him self and brought us right in and made us feel at home.

This place is really pretty cool. You can tell it's not a money making operation and the owner said he barely breaks even. His view was, "if it cost me a couple of hundred dollars a month to get all the pussy I can handle, I'm willing to pay it".
You can also tell that the members like to contribute, giving what they can to make the place better.

It has a "common" area, tables and chairs.
A sybian room.
A room with swing.
2 rooms have a beds, one has 2 beds the other has 4 beds.
And a room with a sex bench. A bench that was made by a club member. They also build them for individuals. They will bring it to your hose and set it up. To bad our house is to small to hide something it. We'd never be able to come up with a good cover story.

We didn't get to do any actual swinging.
There was us, another couple that were there doing a photo shoot for the website. That was pretty cool to watch.
2 single women and 2 single guys.

Shy did sit on the sybian and sucked my cock. There were 3 people watching. Some else was driving the sybian. That was pretty hot.

From there we moved to the bench room.
I liked the bench. The lady can lay down and there is a little bench for the guy to sit on and you are at just the right spot for eating pussy.
The just stand, and insert cock.

On the bench, we just had one person watch.

After we came, we hung out for a little bit more and then came home.

So, we really didn't swing but had a damn good time anyway. Shy wants to get a membership and go back on a Saturday. How can I say no? happym;

We won't be able to go for a few weeks, but we'll let you know when we do.


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