K & A meet on the net  

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7/21/2005 1:21 am

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K & A meet on the net

K (not her real name) and A (not his real name) are horny New Yorkers who are busy and need to meet, fuck and move on. But, hold a tick! A just got out of a dismally bad relationship and can make K laugh till she shakes and tears come down her face -- not bad for a middle-aged computer geek.

K is all about passion and A is VERY intrigued with her sexy Eastern European accent and green eyes.

They date, they wrestle in bed, they date others but each thinks of the other, long story short they end up in City Hall saying "I Do" to each other.

Then they go to a stripclub in the Florida Keys. A dancer named Candy is all over K and K is wet -- grabs A by the hand and runs to the hotel to make slow and hot simmering love till dawn whispering dirty fantasies about licking that well manicured pussy and sucking those perky nipples.

Now A has a mission ... get a woman on K!

Sex lube -- check!
Batteries -- check!
Japanese bondage ropes -- check!
magic egg -- check!
Pearl Rabbit -- check!
G spot jelly -- check!

Only thing missing is the THIRD WHEEL!

And not just any woman with a healthy sexual appetite will do ... K wants to have an experience -- something to savor. Something that will make her man insane with passion. Something that will let her explore at her pace and feel "in control" for a bit.

And this is just the start of this story.

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