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1/2/2006 10:31 pm

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Odd One Out

there out of respect unless they really meant something to you. Then sometimes it hurts to much to even go.
I suggested that instead of the boring statistics and everything that the three of us write about things we remember or a tribute,
kind of like a Good Bye letter. They refused to participate.
I knew they were bitches, but it really came out just now...
First of all, I never heard from them after Mom's funeral in February - well the older one called to ask for money because she claimed that she needed it for her tooth.
This heffa has dental insurance, and is married, and he has dental too. How you gon' call a single mom for some money? I'm not supporting you! The only person I'm responsible for is my baby!!
That pissed her off, didn't hear from her again.

The younger one - I'm in the middle - I called when we got back from Disney because he was scheduled for surgery. She called me back and said she already knew because the hospital was 'bothering' her. Apparently she was listed as an Emergency contact. Me and Dad changed that real quick.

Now that he has passed away, they were circling like vultures until they got the information they wanted from the insurance company. This was before Christmas.

I called them last Saturday with an idea I had for the program. Basically, funerals are boring as shit. Let's face it. You are only
I can't believe these women are related to me. The oldest one used to tease me that I was adopted, I wasn't really her sister, and I didn't really belong in the family. It hurt, and my mother had to show me a copy of my birth certificate in order to calm me down.

Now I wish it were true.

If they are what is classified as family, and I'm the odd one out, there is a plus side to being lonely: peace.

At least it's still raining.

Fairy_Gothmother 41F

1/3/2006 1:41 am

I wish I could do something to help out, sweetie... *HUG*

As for them, now that your Dad is gone, you are no longer beholden to those two for anything. Let them reap the karma they sow.

Be free and fly away... we're here rooting for you.

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