Carnal Lust  

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1/5/2006 5:23 am

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Carnal Lust

Today went to the supermarket to get milk.

At the fruit section this beautiful lady is busy feeling the melons on display. Her Breasts were showing through the T-shirt she had on. The sight of her breasts and a well rounded bottom
covered by a short skirt,sent a surge of blood into my groin. I became aroused and my dick pressed against the tight jeans I was wearing.

I went and stood next to her and said "How I wish I was the melon in her hands." She looked up and smiled. "Yes you would want to be" she replied. "Do you want to feel my melons ?" she asked to which I sheepishly replied "Yes".

We went around the counter and found a quite spot at the back of the store not easily visible to all. We began kissing hungrily. She opened my fly and took out my now heavily swollen dick. My hands were already under her skirt and realised that she did not wear any panties. "We will have to fuck quickly" she said. I raised her legs and she shoved my dick into her wet pussy.With a few
bumps and grind we both exploded. she let out a soft moan as she reached orgasm.

We straightend our clothes and went back to the fruit stand where she gave me her telephone number and said "Call me if you want to feel my melons and fuck properly."

She said bye and disappeared out of the store.

I needed to fuck to start my day.

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