You're what do I do??  

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7/13/2005 8:15 pm

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You're what do I do??

Last night a friend of mine comes over for the night. We get together about once a month to break each other out of our sexual ‘routs’.

The first night I spent with her was pretty straightforward, we had foreplay for about an hour and then went on to have pretty decent sex.

What amazed me is when, on our second encounter she proclaimed to me that she was a total submissive. Now normally she is a very bright, in control girl, but during sex she likes to turn herself over totally to the person she is with.

It took me awhile to get used to how this was done…you see, she gets into it in a very special way. It starts out like any other encounter, but after awhile I grab her wrists and pin her down to the bed, running my tongue over her face and neck. The idea is that she spends the next 30 minutes or so fighting me ‒ trying to push me off and break free from my grasp. After awhile she stops struggling, her breathing will get very short and very labored. When she talks, her voice takes on a kind of defeated little girl quality.

From there you can command her to do anything you want. The odd thing is, you’d think that would be an easy thing having a woman in your bed willing to do anything you told her. But I actually found that it took several times to get used to the situation. You see, I like a woman who participates in the bedroom, she’s an active part of what is going on. Now, as sexy as it might sound to have a woman in your bed willing to do anything you tell her to, I seemed to take a little while to get used to it. It’s nice when a woman takes the initiative to slide her tongue down your stomach to your manhood. To command a woman to do it is very sexy as well. To have to command her step by step felt awkward at first.

Now that I’m more used to it, I’m slowly starting to get more out of the situation, both for her and me. I’m starting to learn what she wants, and starting to learn how to get her to take care of my needs, while at the same time taking care of hers within the same scenario.

So the question is put forth to all you guys who have been lucky enough to share time with a submissive woman, did you warm up to the situation from the start, or did it take you a few times? And do you have any suggestions for someone who is entering that situation for the first time? Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

POST BEER ‒ I’m still trying to finish some Weyerbacher I picked up the other day. This one is their Porphecy. It appears to be a barleywine style beer with a nice crispness and balanced finish. The thing that surprised me the most about this beer is that it is the latest in the current fad of aging beer in oak barrels. This idea is fairly straight froward, take a heavy beer and age it for awhile in a barrel ‒ ideally one used to age whiskey or bourbon. Sadly what I’ve found is that beers made in this style tend to taste like old burnt sticks or whiskey ‒ the wood over powering the brew. But Weyer seems to have gotten it right! The oak aging is very subtle and complements the beer instead of over powering it. This is a beer you can drink throughout the day…if only the alcohol content would allow. Remember to enjoy responsibly.

So until next time…grab yourself a great beer, throw a woman onto the bed and tell her what you’re going to do to her…and hope she doesn’t kick your ass…or spill your beer in the process…until later, peace.

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