Out manned and out gunned...  

Shoot2Thrill43 54M
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7/8/2005 3:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Out manned and out gunned...

Ok so there I am surfing the net when up pops this ad for PASSION. Now I've been on and off several different dating sites, and since I was not currently subscribed to any, I thought I'd hop on and see what the story was. And what do you know? People who enjoy sex, and are making that a priority in their dating lives. Sounds like my kinda crowd.

You see, I can appreciate that cause sex in a relationship is very important to me. If you're the type of woman who’s idea of sex is ‘once a month, with the lights off, missionary style’ ‒ I'm not your type of guy. So I figured what harm could it do to sign up for awhile and see what happens.

After sending my credit card info across the bandwidth I immediately do what I'm sure most people do ‒ start looking at the pictures! Of course, I'm quickly impressed at the number of pretty, sexy women on the site. Once the profile is fleshed out a bit (still a work in progress) I decide to do a more serious search of the situation and quickly find a fatal flaw. The website lists the following information for my area:

Men searching for women 23,453
Women searching for men 2033

Wow! If I walk into a bar on a Friday night and the M/F ratio is 10 to 1, I'm only staying because either the draft list is awesome, or the band is kicking some serious ass. Luckily in the home environment of Internet dating, both can be easily controlled (beer below, Ozzfest radio over the computer). Of course when I go out tonight, I'll try to improve the odds.

But back to the numbers! So my first question to nobody in general (the ones with penises), “Are the numbers in your area similar to mine, and if so, have you found that to be a problem?” Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Now, coming from the ‘know thy enemy’ school I soon get around to doing a reverse search to see what kinds of guys are looking for girls in my area only to be shocked when my computer screen fills up with more penises then you can shake a….oh, skip it. You get the idea. How I've never had a problem accepting that I am not Peter North, but I must admit I found myself quietly in awe. So to you lovely ladies the question bares asking, “What are your thoughts on a profile who’s main goal seems to be to advertise the size of the goods? Is that truly your only interest or are these guys kidding themselves?” Time to let the cat out of the bag ladies. The PASSION world awaits your response with cameras poised.

Well that’s all for now. I need to go get Friday kicking into gear. Coming up soon, “The beautiful people”, “A pictures worth a thousand words”, “Dr Jekyll and Sexy Hyde”, “You can't say that here”, and “Shy women”. Till then…peace.

POST BEER: Weyerbacher’s Black Hole ‒ I was really hoping that Weyerbacher’s awesomely named Decadence would be out, but alas, I had to “settle” for this. Weyer’s Black Hole (I was not thinking about later plans when I picked this one out, honest ) is a porter style with hints of roasted grain, vanilla and chocolate. As I was writing this entry it dawned on me that there is a coffee essence to it, but it’s very subtle which is good, cause I hate coffee. Not a bad try from the guys at Weyers, but nothing great either.

Days since last naked with a member of the opposite sex: 4

PASSION dates: 0 - new to this...still have my doubts, but more on this later...

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

7/8/2005 7:01 pm

Aha ... and finally there is a place where woman is "huntress" ... and the "bucks" are all in rut ... it is forever "autumn" in the field where I play ... and I am ... indeed ... a perfect shot ! Target practice anyone !!!

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/8/2005 8:02 pm

If you notice I am now a standard member, for the very reason you discribe.I'm 51 and like to date woman from about 40 too 58.There are about 2 or 3 in my town on here.I also did a search and found so many pages of guys I quit looking.Must be 150 to 1.So I dropped my subscription.Heading to the bar tonight myself.Much better odds.

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