OZZFEST - A day with the animals....  

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7/22/2005 7:32 pm

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OZZFEST - A day with the animals....

DEEP BREATH ‒ Well the boys and I survived another one. Ozzfest was a blast, although to be honest I was probably the hottest I’ve ever been in my life! Easily 100+ on the asphalt parking lot where they set up the second stage and enough humidity to make the sweat just cling to your body. Factor in ~25000 people packed in as tight as they could be, and you have one evil time. Now, mind you, I don’t mind working up a good sweat, but there are better was of doing it.

The bands were really good, with Rob Zombie and As I Lay Dying lighting up the second stage. Mudvayne was a very interesting group as well. Iron Maiden kicked ass!! And Ozzy turned in an excellent performance with Black Sabbath. A good time was had by all.

Of course, I left the venue hot, sweaty, deaf and horny. What an absolute collection of beautiful women dressed in the sexiest of outfits. If you like your women with an edge, then this was your place. Piercings, tattoos, leather, extreme hair, dog collars, platform shoes ‒ a little bit of everything that you might find sexy.

If anyone out there is catching Ozzy this summer I’d love to here how your event went, especially the west coast crowd who are lucky enough to have Velvet Revolver join the tour once Iron Maiden drops off. Till then, rock on, and on, and on…

POST BEER ‒ Smuttynose Barleywine Style Ale. Barleywine refers to a beer style that is higher in alcohol than a normal beer, being closer to what a table wine would be. Although I don’t see it on the bottle, this example from the brewers at Smuttynose probably comes in at close to 9% ABV. The beer has an awesome balance to it, beginning with a nice creamy maltiness that gives way to hoppy finish with a nice crisp bite to it. The nose is awesome, much like sticking your nose into a box of malted milk balls. Much like a wine, this beer can be laid down for awhile and probably be enjoyed for up to a year to come either alone, or with your favorite pierced, tattooed, leather sporting, dog collar wearing, heavy metal fan.

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