Is anyone out there taking this place seriously...  

Shoot2Thrill43 55M
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8/18/2005 7:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is anyone out there taking this place seriously...

OK, after two months I've come to some hard conclusions about the Passion world. And as the header of my blog states...I intend to toss it out there for all to comment on.

Passion has a very interesting and needed slant. It's supposed to be about giving people who are sexually active a chance to meet each other. After investigating in depth, I believe the following could be said:

First, few people on this site are actually hooking up. I see a few blogs talking about their experiences, but for the most part the people on this site seem to be split into one of six catagories.

1) The website/pornstar wannabes. More interested in getting attention by putting up albums of naked pictures than actually hooking up with anyone on this sight.

2) The bloggers. Using this forum to post surveys, poems, and stuff. Again, I doubt they are actually very active. In fact one very popular female blogger stated recently that she'd only been on two dates in the past year.

3) Woman looking for Woman. I actually believe that this (and maybe couples) comprises the biggest population of Passion that is actually being active.

4) Standard Members - I don't even know what they're looking for. But I know I'm not going to pay $19 to find out.

5) Spammers - enough said.

6) The men. Putting it out there for all to see and hoping that someone from one of the above groups will actually pay attention to them.

I'd be interested to hear every's opinion on this. Is there a real pocket of activity out there that I'm missing? Or are women on this sight more discriminating cause they are looking for a great sexual experience (and I'll admit, I'm not GQ cover material) and are looking for that vision of the male porn star? Feel free to talk amoungst yourselves.

As an aside I give you the following. A month ago I reactivated my account on another dating sight. Just to see how the activity on that site compares to this one. Below are the stats.

Winks recieved 2
Long term email discussions 1
Meetings 0
Hook ups 0

Other sight
Winks recieved 5
Long term email discussions 3
Meetings 1 (another soon to come)
Hook ups 0 (but that will change soon)

POST BEER - None tonight. Even the dog takes a break once-in-awhile.


Tala4u2 54M  
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8/18/2005 7:52 pm

I get dates and sex from this site, I also enjoy myself in between by having some fun and rambling on about whatever amuses me at a point in time. I really don't worry about it at all just enjoy myself.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

VaBeach9inches 56M

8/18/2005 7:58 pm

I have hooked up with over 50 girls and couples in the last 5 years from this site. The key is sending out hundreds of emails to ladies. It helps to be well hung, girls like big dicks.

rm_abebb 59M
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8/18/2005 8:28 pm

well i think you have it pretty much covered although i believe there is one group you may have missed. the nobody is good enoughfor me group. i see an awful lot of very attractive women on here and find it dificult to believe that they are not meeting men in the real time world. i think this group falls into the no man is good enough for me group, although i have found some unattractive women on here that also tend to belong to that group as well. one on here had such an extensive laundry list of expectations that her profile not only eliminanted about 99.9 % of the male prospects on this site, but of the world male population as well. if jfk jr was still alive, he may have qualified and i do say may have. this internet dating is no different than the telephone chat services of days past. same shit different day!

lostatsea34 46M

8/18/2005 8:42 pm

I was thinking about posting on this very topic tonight when I ran across it so I think I will just team up with you in this one. I too believe that the gorls on here no NOT want to hook up or actually meet anyone. It eally seems that they just want Safe attention from members of the site. Other people telling them that they are hot. They put pictures on their profile of them being able to put their ankles behind their own heads then in the writeup it says "Just looking for friends to hand out with. If you are looking for just sex, then don't respond." Oh...and one of my favorites, the girl that has her legs spread for all the world to see and then in the profile says,"I am looking for a man who is not all about sex.V I want spomeone that respects me for who I am and is intelligent, witty, caring, sensitive, nacho, assertive, but kind and gentle. Give me a break....Continued on my blog...

007sexy40plus 51F  
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8/18/2005 8:57 pm

This is a sex site not all people here are going to find someone to hook up with. Distance, racial preferences, body types, and even plain attraction are factors that weigh heavily on whether you will get a hookup or not. I mean come on no one is just going to go through the “whose viewing me” list and fuck the last 100 who viewed them or even five of them. You just got to be what a woman is seeking, that’s the bottom line. And the same goes for the man who is seeking. Now I want to hit on the 6 categories you have below.

1. Hmmm, Let’s see, I’m no porn star but I do have albums, although they are not naked pics they are very tasteful and sexy ones.

2. I am a blogger, not a very popular one though. And have only met TWO men face to face in my FOUR years here, one lasted more than a year, then the other one stepped in and that is ongoing. But meeting only two was my choice because I have NOT found very many worthy candidates, (worthy for me anyway) and I am picky as HELL. And I'm no bed hopper because I’m a married woman (no secret there). But that part is my business.

3. W2W - I am definitely not in that category. I am a woman and sure don't need one in my bed.

4. I was a standard member for 3yrs 7months and that’s when I got the majority of hits. Although I have gotten many hits since I started writing blogs but not like b4. And I met the TWO guys being a standard member.

5. I am not a spammer so that doesn’t apply to me.

6. And yes the men put it out there, (some of them) maybe hoping to get noticed and many do get noticed. But regardless of whether it’s the upper or lower body that they are putting out there, is it any different?

Perhaps if you put yourself out there and interact with all these bloggers you might find something of interest. . I know I am not what you are seeking, I read the profile. I am no longer looking anyway. I have what I was seeking, and he’s great. And yes we have a relationship beyond this website. I blog because it makes me happy, I do it because I can reach out and touch others through this medium. Why don’t you become a blogger and try to make it to the convention and maybe you will find something interesting in meeting some of these popular bloggers face to face.

Good Luck to You! I hope you find what you seek, including the green eyes.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

defiantnx1701 56M
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8/18/2005 9:18 pm

Damn, I hate to be the first to post on this but here goes. I agree 100%. The very few contacts I've had have been terrible. I get mail from women that look like my Aunt Sadie, girls that look barely 18, and smokers when my prof. says no smokers. Read the damn thing please! And yes it is one of the most expensive sights, and then they ask you to pay for standard contacts! The only thing I can get behind on this site is the webcams. Which piss me off when you click on couples, half the sites cams are guys whacking off. Also you get someone who sounds interesting, then never hear from them again. Such is life at Passions. Def.

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MissAnnThrope 56F
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8/18/2005 9:39 pm

OK, you're upset about the lack of action after only two months and you want nothing to do with people who don't pay to use the site? You don't have high expectations, do you?

I don't care what the pop-up that led you here says. Yes, the ultimate goal here is sex, however, it doesn't mean the women here have to talk to anyone who asks, or meet anyone who asks.

What sort of women are you writing to, that you have discovered all the wannabe porn stars and bots? Why not try writing to the women with whom you have something in common, instead of the chicks with the hot pics. You have no idea how many of them turn out to be fakes, or posting pics from 20 years ago. Take a chance on reading profiles without pics too. Some people can't have their face on a site like this and aren't about to post body part pics, as they feel the only people with a right to see them naked are those they allow to in person.

Yes, there are tons of women looking for women, because at least 5 sites feed into this one, one promises you can find your soulmate here. However, one that feeds in is Trust me when I say those women are getting really annoyed at all the men on the site, as they did join a lesbian site.

Now, the odds are stacked against you. Men vastly outnumber women here. Just because the ultimate goal is to have sex with people, at least half the women are looking for lovers, not one night stands. So if you want to get any, you have to be a gentleman in most cases.

Some of us have started blogging after years on the site to get our dissatisfaction with what the site has become out in the open. Otherwise, we could just be using Live Journal or something. No one joins up just to blog.

Most of us ladies are more discriminating not because we're looking for great sexual experiences. Most of us have met men who know less about sex on this site than some 12 year olds you hear talking on the train. Women have more to lose. It's easier for us to get certain infections, we get sick of hearing over and over that men want some sexual act they saw in a porn flick that we're not willing to do, (for most women, that's anal. Just because this is a hook-up site it doesn't mean we have to do what hurts us or doesn't give us pleasure.) men screaming at us to show me our tits, and then getting pissed we don't have webcams, not to mention, condoms fail. Don't assume all women are on the pill. Many can't take it. So, we do have to worry about having a one nighter, having condom failure and then missing a period while the guy is long gone. Women do have far more to lose as far as sex goes. Not to mention, even the biggest skanks I know from this site, women who will do anyone who asks nicely or looks good want to be treated like a hole from the start. So at least give us the illusion that you're interested in us as people, even if it is pure bullshit. That is, if you do want to get laid eventually.

Finally, lower your standards a bit. You already admit here you're no Adonis. If you could score a woman who looks like the women in the ads in real life, would you even be here? Oh, now, I am a bit of a snob. But I have to say, your obsession with beer would be a major turn-off if you wrote to me. The pic, the name of the blog... It makes me think your idea of a light/social drinker is drinkng a 6-pack after work. Then again, I could be wrong. You could just have a frat boy mindset and think that's a cool pic. But it is a turn off, at least for me. But at least it isn't your dick.

frogger1995 39F

8/18/2005 9:39 pm

I've been pretty active. I'm a standard member, but it doesn't matter since I am a straight female. Been on this site almost three weeks and hooked up with 6 different men (working on two more by this weekend). Some of us are taking this place seriously

Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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8/18/2005 10:09 pm

We've met up with a few people from this site. We receive so many messages from "single" men or men looking for discreet hookups that one starts to sound just like the next. It seems like there are very few out there that really stand out. (and honestly the cock pics are getting old. I/we much prefer to see a face pic and a full regular picture) That's just what we've encountered from this site. Still, it's fun to flirt with them through blogs or on chat. (I do, hubby doesn't. He's very straight.) But very rarely do we meet up with the single guys. There have been a few though. We love hearing from couples, however don't very often. And as far as single females, we almost never hear from them. They probaly get bombarded with guys sending them messages that they really don't need to do much searching for themselves. They don't have to go to the guys... the guys find them. That's just our experience. Other's may have some that are much different.
~Passions~ (The F of the C)

dancewithme29 46F

8/18/2005 10:24 pm

i've been off and on this site a few times and have met several men. lately i've become more discriminate because it took me a while to figure out the nasties from the decent men. and i mean nasty men who are here to use women. it's like prostitution and yes i've been offered money before, of course didn't accept it.
i think many feel it's a free for all here and anything goes which may be true but men forget women need to be romanced at least a tad.
women can afford to be very picky because the ratio is so extreme...something like 100/1. out of that 100 finding a man with intelligence and esteem is very difficult so it becomes a chore. a lot of women get burned out quickly, i know this to be true from reading other blogs.
i have male friends on other g-rated dating sites getting laid regularly, on the first date even. bottom line is we are all looking for the same thing. women usually want a relationship and men want a romp in the hay with as many different women as possible. these are generalized statements but i believe them to be very true...
i'd head to dating sites if i were you...
best of luck and be safe.

sexysuzy39 51F

8/18/2005 10:49 pm

I hooked up with a guy back in March, and we are still going strong. He was the 3rd guy that I'd been with. So it is all good out there on internet dating/fucking sites. Am a true believer

GEtravler 48M

8/18/2005 11:15 pm

Yes it is dammed near impossible to get a real contact that is active.
#1 all the moons have to be in alignment.
#2 you have to pray to all the beer gods.
#3 spend at least 3 hrs a day sifting though all the fake listings.
about 20% are fake (Bots that have a real hot pict prey on the desperate/newbees)
And 30% are dead listings that have been inactive for years.
#4 you might get 2 replies out of 30 emails and 90% of those are blow offs

LIke I said before. Around here a dick is a dime a dozen and a active pussy is one in a million.
(That is looking for men) Just like you I have found that 90% of the really hot women here are only looking for other women. Or Couples looking for women.

With all that said: I will have to admit I have been really lucky. I have found something I didn't expect. A lover that has blown my mind. But since I travel 20 days out of each month on average.
And it was breaking one of my rules that no one local to my home. (My wife made exception since
I have been so good.)

Now for me it is much harder for me to find a contact since almost no one likes a traveler.
90% of my stays in area are 3 days and I have little advance notice on the location I am going.
I am seriously seeing about being ID verified. Since that might ease some of the apprehension
of one or two night stands.

That brings up a particular scam I have found.
Some standard members will say that since they are standard that they can't email you and for you to email them directly.
#1 you will get tons of spam.
#2 you will get a email from them stating that they have picts on their WWW site.
the only way you will get to see them is if you sign up for a supposed free account that requires a CC# DON'T DO IT.
Then you will get emails asking why haven't you looked at the picts and that is the only way you are going to meet is if you sign up, that is it for their protection. If something happens to them the police will have a way to find you. BULL----T it is a SCAM.

Shoot2Thrill43 55M

8/19/2005 4:49 am

Let's see, it seems most people agree with me. However, SassyChrist takes me to the woodshed. I'd be upset, except...

*For starters- why dont you realize "sight" is actually spelt....*

I LOVE this kind of thing! Yes I maded a mistake. Sorry. However, regardless of what you were taught, the word is 'spelled'...

*43 yr old is hardly fresh meat.*

So what you are saying is a middle aged non-QG man has little chance on this site? Kind of what I was getting at.

*another thing- a 43 yr old with a beer addiction = undesireable.*

Sorry Scooter...I can count the number beers I've had in the last two months on one hand + two fingers (that would be 7). Not everyone who enjoys beer is addicted.

As to being a Whiner - well if that's the way it came across so be it. I was actually just putting an observation to see if people agreed with me...and it looks like quite a few did. Of course they're probably all my fellow mispelling, drunken, whiner types.

*Where the hell does it say "for sexually active people..."?????? Does it say ANYTHING about SEX???*

To springboard off of LOSTATSEAS34 comment. When 90% of the posts either show a man with a tool in his hand or a woman with her ankles behind her ears, then I would say that the intent of this sight no longer has anything to with the charter. I'm basing my opinions on what the site is, not what it's owner claims it is. Now having said that, I did check out your profile, and you are very clear what you want. But I would hope that by looking around you would realize that your profile is very much in the minority as far as your "I am not just for sex" attitude.

*You ASSUMED it was- partly because your member, jr. is the prominant thinker!*

I ASSUME nothing. Look around and you too may see.

*You made no sense whatsoever.*

I made enough sense to get you mad....job done...


defiantnx1701 56M
9 posts
8/21/2005 8:23 am


Sassy is from NY, so that would explain a lot. And I do believe "spelt" is acceptable up there. And you read her prof.? Freud would say there is a little anger there.

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