Introducing myself ...  

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Introducing myself ...

About me ...


My real name is Shona, I have blue~grey eyes, medium length, light brown hair & am 4ft tall. I live with my long~time friend & partner Brian & our cat Amber just outside Ellon, a market town about 15 miles from Aberdeen. Never been married, no children. I'm an only child with my mum & step~dad living in Aberdeen.

My belief systems are Paganism, Shamanism & Zen Buddhism. Inspired by Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of British White Witches, I do follow his tradition, but overall I'd say I'm pretty much an eclectic Witch. I'm also ankhru; I have the ability to absorb energies from people I'm very close to as well as being able to "send" energies for healing. This isn't as intimidating as it may sound, it just means that if & when I get intimately close to someone, I can "connect" with them emotionally & can be with them where they are in spirit. I only do this if they want it though & if they give their permission first. I would never become a psychic "vampire" or abuse my gift in any way as I believe this is very wrong & it goes against everything I believe in. This ability is what makes cybersex, particularly via IM, feel so real for both the guys & me. It has it's downside though, I can also pick up negative energies during times of pain & distress for my friends, which does effect me, but can help me be more useful to them as friends. I'm also an empath.

I'm extremely open~minded about sex & sexuality. I'm into hot kinky sex & a little bit of bondage, lol, as well as many other things. Brian & I have been together for what must be going on 18 years now. Being poly for me doesn't mean I'll jump into bed or have sex with every guy I see or come across, I am very responsible, but rather I share my love & myself on all levels including the sexual & are free to flirt & get sexy online.

Brian doesn't see having long~distance affairs, cybersex & flirtations as cheating at all, but we both would prefer it if our online lliasons stayed online. It's not the full polyamorous / polygamous lifestyle we live, he's just fine with me having online lovers, cyber partners & long~distance romances. I have total freedom online, he's not interested, never even looks at the screen to see what I'm doing, never reads mails, messages or anything. He's already given me the go~ahead to get sexy online & says it's not of his business what I do on the Net.

I enjoy erotic email & chat, but only if there is a genuine attraction on both sides & if I've become a good friend of the guy first, know him well & trust him. There has to be that connection or else it's just totally meaningless.

I don't do phone sex though & prefer chatting to friends & lovers by email, letter & IM rather than by phone anyway, so never give out my number to anyone.

I've had reduced mobility problems all my life, although I'm not that badly affected. Apart from finding it a struggle to walk far sometimes and my balance not being 100%, I pretty much have full movement. I live an active and enjoyable life.

I'm a good person & friend, even if I say so myself, lol & will do anything for my friends. I'm genuine, always honest about myself & in general. I have no time for liars, fakes, bullies, attention seekers, drama queens / kings, shallow people or those who play power & head games & mess with others' feelings & hate jealousy & jealous & competitive behaviour. To me it's pointless & just causes hurt among friends. me it's pointless & just causes hurt among friends. I am a very sensual person & enjoy sharing my erotic side with special male friends. I love writing & receiving emails & letters, both typed & hand~written. Things such as age, looks, money, status are unimportant to me, it's who you are inside that really counts. Can't be doing with shallow types that just base a relationship on superficial stuff like that anyway.

I prefer email to messengers most of the time. I know IM's are good for more personal chats & intimate, sexy stuff however, so I often add people after I've gotten to know & trust them & they have become good friends. I never add anyone straight away. You're much more likely to get a quick response & regular contact from me by email though, as I check my mail several times a day & always reply as soon as I have time.

Meeting up in person with any online & pen friends I make is not what I’m interested in at all. It never has done as I find I can make much more interesting & fulfilling close & intimate friendships online & by post than I ever have done by face to face meetings. Keeping it online means there's limitless scope for sexual explorations with other guys, without the complications of bringing it into offline life. The sky's the limit online & the relationships can be long~term, lasting for years if we both want that or even a life~time. I do always hope the relationships I make will end up being long~term, but sometimes this can't be for whatever reason. I do feel though, that however long friendships last they're always worth having.

My partner & I are totally faithful to each other in offline life & always will be & we have an agreement that nothing sexual must ever happen offline with any of my intimate friends. I totally agree with this. So, I'm just into online, long distance relationships via mails & / or letters & IM’s only.

My interests:

Witchcraft, music, crystals, healing, reading, writing, pen & e~palling, my comms, flirting, aromatherapy, alternative medicine & lifestyles, herbal medicine, tarot, divination, meditation, Tantra, dragons, faeries, angels, holistic health, peace & non~violence, Reiki, Shamanism, Zen Buddhism, Magick, Paganism, all things mystical, making friends, having fun & laughs, making people happy, men, chatting, computer, Internet, computer gaming, the Occult, the extraordinary, paranormal, supernatural & fortean, animals, nature, photography, street magic, illusionists, animal welfare, conservation, ecology, going out, erotica, erotic writing & arts, cybersex (don't own webcam or mic), mild BDSM ~ little or no pain, cinema, tv, video, my cat, hanging out with friends online & sex.


Musically I like all sorts, but my favourites are Rock, Heavy Metal, Reggae, some of the more up~beat Goth stuff, Cajun, Bluegrass, New Age & Ambient.

Favourite bands & singers:

Guns 'n' Roses, Inkubus Sukkubus, Black Sabbath, Transvision Vamp, Led Zeppilin, T~Rex, Praying For The Rain, Roxette, 4~Non Blondes, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Big Country, Shakespeare Sister, Mediaeval Baebes, Queen, Evenescence, Ozzy Osbourne, Melissa Etheridge, Suzi Quatro, Adam Ant, Kate Bush, Pink, Linda Perry, Bob Marley.


What I look for when making relationships:

I actually have quite a wide circle of friends now, quite an eclectic mix. People from all walks of life. Many have similar belief systems to mine & are Witches, Pagans, Shamans, Occultists, Mystics, psychics & Healers. Others are not involved in the Craft & have no interest in the Magical but I share common interests with them. They're all wonderful people & I love them dearly.

It’s always good to get to know new people though, so if anyone else would like to contact me, here’s what I’m looking for ...

Relationships that will, hopefully, become meaningful, fulfilling & long~lasting.

Anyone into true friendship, preferably guys, aged 18+, any marital status, living outside of Scotland, who are honest, open, affectionate & caring with a good sense of humour. Men open to online only sexual explorations, no matter what their marital status, who like writing emails & letters & are fine with long distance, online only relationships.

As you see from the above, I'm mainly interested in adult friendships, including, but not exclusively, the sexual aspect. Also interested in good conversation, laughs & many mystical & Magical things.


Favourite TV Shows:

Coronation Street, The Osbournes, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Just For Laughs, Have I Got News For You?, Bremner, Bird & Fortune, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries & any other show featuring Steve Irwin, Open All Hours, Only Fools & Horses, You've Been Framed, Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dead Ringers, Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind & all his shows, documentaries, nature & wildlife shows & much more.


Favourite Books:

Astral Doorways, Journey of Self Discovery: How to Work with the Energies of Chakras & Archetypes, Crystal Healing: Helps restore harmony of body and spirit, The Kama Sutra, How To Develop Your Sixth Sense, How To Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, Tao Te Ching, The Prophet, David Blaine: Mysterious Stranger & much more.


Favourite Movies:

The Blair Witch Project, Blair Witch II: Book of Shadows, FearDotCom, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, The Crow trilogy, The Entity, the Tomb Raider movies, Garfield, O Brother Where Art Thou?, all Cheech & Chong's movies, Ring & Ring II, The Grudge, White Noise, The Craft, Season of the Witch, John Carpenter's Vampires & sequel & many more.


Favourite Quotes:

"Magicians see themselves as participating in nature. Transcendentalists like to think they are somehow above it. Materialists like to try and manipulate it. "

"May you have the sun on your face, the wind behind your back, a warm hearth to return to and true friends by you on your journey through life."


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