24 hours down and 2412.5 hellish ones to go  

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12/20/2005 10:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

24 hours down and 2412.5 hellish ones to go

Seeing as how this account was ancient, dusty, unused, and just plain out there, I decided that I would use this service as a means to achive my latest goal : To not be alone by New Years Eve.

My thoughts on the phenomenon I like to call "new years nookie" were pouncing around in my head like a cat who knew it was being ignored but would not stand for negligence any longer. So I concluded my theory, to keep my mind still. It basically meant that if I was alone on New Years Eve, that I'd have shitty luck with women the next year. Examples of this came quickly to the surface. Last year, pathetically alone, I stayed home and did nothing. Much of my days this year were spent the same way. The year before that was not too bad seeing as how I had a steady girlfriend at the festive holiday times.

With this bad luck/good luck theory in mind I pontificated the choices in which I could make sure to fire off a 2006 to where I wouldn't be by myself. My initial thoughts were silly, and potentially unworthy. I kept thinking I could meet a chick at a gas station, or grocery store. Then I understood why this wouldn't work. I have an uncanny knack at picking the wrong target at these places, maybe it's luck, maybe it's fate.

My second thoughts were to check on past girlfriends. That one would not fly too long seeing as how I can count those on my hands and have burned the bridges like gloves made of lava.

The last avenue I was willing to take was dating sites. I had the money, and a bit of experience with them. I decided against the popular yahoo, seeing as how both of the chicks I had met up with had been very crazy. Luckily I only had a long relationship with one of them.

I then remembered this site, and started poking around with it. At first I had to laugh because of the previous attempt I had made on this site, years ago. It was some half hearted attempt at not looking like I was walking up to a hypothetical match with my phallus in my hand. After erasing that nonsense, I put my little quips in, uploaded some pictures, and started to search for a potential way to cure the new years lonely curse.

I was immediately in my element, or so I thought. Here were chicks who really wanted the same thing I want, just for different reasons. So I messaged a few and started understanding the Hierarchy of members here. The ones that don't usually get to message back, don't understand that I have paid to hear from them. So those words fall on numb fingers, so to say.

First response made me think and laugh because it happenned really quickly and I was thinking, "this has got to be an autoresponse". So I replied with a like statement. After getting a few autoresponses, I found that the forementioned reply was a genuine one. Too late for that one, she did not want someone who had been a member of this site for so long and not know how it works.

I then understood that it might be a stature thing, and I wouldn't get anywhere with an empty network. Immediately I started trying to get people to add me to their network. Needless to say, I'm still looking at an empty box on my page and tons of pendings on many others.

I've still got some time left, but if things continue to be the same way as the first day of my quest, I may be forced to another year of wondering why it's loner time 24/7/365.

Lonelywoman56 60F

12/20/2005 10:43 am

Your blogs a good start, good luck hon.

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