First Night Out  

Shinoki1 29M
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3/26/2006 11:19 am
First Night Out

Well I just turned 19 on Friday night, so my friends took me out on Saturday. I really expected for it to just be hanging out a bit, and make it an early night. Heh, it didn't turn out that way. I didn't hook up with anyone, but it was good fun and I met some awesome people even though it didn't end well.

It all just started out going to the billiard hall for a couple games. It was just my two good friends Cody & Darryl, and 3 of Cody's friends from work; Sonja, Darryl, and Andrew. Well things were fun at the pool hall. It started out slow, but over the night I quickly warmed up to Cody's friends. Andrew was a cool guy, and really good at pool. Sonja was cute, and really fun to be with. Darryl... he started out good, and then as the night progressed he got worse and worse. I'm a light drinker, and easy going. He is a bit more extreme than me in both aspects. He kept trying to push Darryl (There's two Darryls, a personal friend and Cody's friend. Hope it doesn't get confusing) and myself to adopt more of his style. Well it never happened, I'm not that type of person. I'll have my fun my way, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

We got bored with the billiard hall, even though Kokanee beer had a couple girls in for a promotion. We all caught a taxi to another bar, which had a HUGE line of 19 year olds. So we skipped across the road to another bar, which was having a 30+ only night. No wonder the first bar was lined up like crazy eh? Well we decided to walk over to the Gray Goat, which is a pub right around the corner. It is a tiny place, and we had a half table right near the door to the smoking patio. At this point Wild Darryl had gone upstairs to the smoking bar, leaving Cody, Darryl, Sonja, and myself downstairs. We had some food and some good laughs.

Eventually Wild Darryl came back and dragged us upstairs. Which was packed shoulder to shoulder with drunk 19 year olds, looking for a fight. Well I shouldn't say that, there was one group looking for a fight, the rest of them were pretty cool. Of course as some of you could probably predict already, some of the kids took exception to Wild Darryl's actions and attitudes and tried to start a fight. Fortunately it was past last call, and only one punch was thrown. Though it was a huge mess trying to drag Darryl & Darryl out of there. Wild Darryl didn't want to leave (we was really drunk by this point), and quiet Darryl is this really nice guy, I would describe him as the "Knight in shining Armor" type. (He is cute, and available too ladies! I'd be happy to hook someone up with him! ) He didn't want to leave Wild Darryl there, though he didn't say anything to goad on the situation, his presense alone made things worse. It's not that I was being a coward or anytthing, but I didn't want my first bar experience to end in the emergency room, or the back of a cop car. I knew if the rest of us left, Wild Darryl would too.

Eventually we got out of there, not without a small skirmish though. The drunk kids looking for a fight were waiting for Wild Darryl at the doors leading downstairs. Half the bar was holding back the drunk kid's friends, while the bouncers rushed up the stairs to end it. I'm happy there was no actual fight, but the whole thing put a real stigma on my mood. After that I just went home. Had a chat with Darryl & Cody on the way back, and eventually got to bed at 3am. I had a good time, but next time I have a better idea of what scene I fit into.

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