Euuugh... Tired...  

Shinoki1 29M
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7/18/2006 8:14 pm
Euuugh... Tired...

I love my work, but some days I hate the people who work there. The ones that want to put the sound systems to eleven... hundred... for 3 hours. Or the ones who slack off so much that I am doing thier work load too.

I know right now it's only a part time job for me, but just because I may not work there the rest of my life does that mean that I should not put so much effort and care into what I do? Am I taking my job too seriously? I'm not a busy bee 24/7. I take my time when I need to, I chat to people when I want to, and I take a load off when I am tired and have a moment too.

It's only retail... but it's probably the best damned retail job I could ask for. Thoughts?

- Bonus points for people who can guess where I work.

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