Being Apart  

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7/7/2006 3:37 pm

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Being Apart

It has been awhile since I saw you last, and I was more than ready to feel your hands upon my body and mine on yours. Being apart does not diminish my love or my desires for you, in fact it makes it multiply and makes me feel very sexy and erotic, extremely horny as I fantasize of our next moments together.
The long drive to where you were was extremely igniting. I had worn a button up skirt with a small white tank top and a blue blouse over it. The bra I was wearing was very sheer so my large brown nipples were very perky through the tank top that fit tight against them. I believe when I put this outfit on I was looking for easy access from your sexy hands, or perhaps it was an "easy off." I had my hair down as you always seem to like. I think my dark hair hanging down my back is very sexy to you, and possibly stimulating too. I was wearing no slip or panties under my skirt. I could feel the stiffness of the material
against the long lips of my loins as I sat down to make the long drive. I found myself becoming very aroused by this, especially as I moved my hips from side to side. The material of my skirt was brushing against my clit.......roughing it a bit, reminding me of your mustache rubbing against it as you nestle deep between my legs. I so desperately wanted to feel that wonderful feeling of ecstasy tonight, and was very certain I would. But thinking of such desires on the road only led to my hand exploring the flesh that you so lovingly and passionately explore when we are finally together.

I arrived at our room before you. I was so anticipating the moment you would arrive for it is always extremely electrifying, romantic and deeply passionate. Seeing you for the first time after being apart for a while always makes my heart just pound intensely and every nerve ending standing erect waiting for your touch anywhere upon my body.

As you walked into the room I thought to myself, how could any man be so beautiful and so exciting. You took my face into your hands and kissed me so gently, so tenderly. My response was breathless and weak, craving more of you. The taste of your kiss, the touch of your tongue on mine makes me shudder with anticipation of what is to come, knowing that you will make love to me as never before. Each and every time is though it were the first time.

Your tongue was deep in my mouth, our breathing was heavy, and our hands were caressing each others faces. We both reached down to unbutton each others shirts wanting to kiss more than just our lips, wanting to feel our flesh together, wanting to feel our breathe on each others skin, but this time I pushed your hands away and motioned for you to lay down on the bed. As you did I climbed on top of you and began undressing you, exposing your most beautiful sexy body. I have never seen a man built as strong and as beautiful as you. Your strength just overpowers me from your strong arms that hold me so tightly, to your sexy fingers that feel every part of me inside and out, to your strong staff that just bulges forth with such force and beauty......such magnitude of strength. I felt as though I would cum right there, with just the sight of you lying there exposed.

Now it was my turn, to expose my desire for you. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse as you laid there and watched. As I took it off you could see my nipples pushing thru my bra and tank top wanting to jump out and reach your lips so you could nibble on them. I reached down and pulled my tank top off over my head where you could see each nipple more clearly, even though it was through my bra. I took my fingers and ran them around and around each nipple, making them push harder through the material. I reached up and unsnapped my bra letting my breasts fall free. I could hear you begin to breath harder and faster. You were encouraging me to go on, telling me how much you like what you saw, begging me to come there and let you place your lips upon my nipples, but no, it was not time yet. I took my hands and cupped each breasts tightly, massaging them gentle, throwing my head back as I did, feeling such excitement from my hands on my breasts and so much more excitement, from knowing that you were watching and approving, knowing that
my touching myself was making you want me more and more. As I opened my eyes I saw your hand moving down towards your very erect staff. The pleasure of seeing your staff so big was making the juices flow even stronger now between my legs.

I watched you take your swollen staff in your hand, massaging it slowly. The look in your eyes was of wanting and desire to see more. So I started unbuttoning my skirt, from the bottom up. I unbuttoned each one slowly, almost in rhythm with your hand stroking your hard cock. As I got closer to the top your hand started moving faster with such anticipation of seeing "your pussy." You knew, as well as I knew, that it was swollen with anticipation of you, that it was wet, that it was by now pulsating, wanting to pull your staff deep within it and hold on tight and you would thrust hard, and harder inside me. As I reached the top three buttons you could begin to see a glimpse of my pussy. The aroma of raspberry mixed with my juices was very evident, and very arousing for both of us. As I unbuttoned the last button I let the skirt fall to the floor, showing every inch of my flesh. Your words were exhilarating to me as you told me how pleased you were, how beautiful I was, and how horny my display had made you. Of course you did not need to tell me that as I could see when I looked at your cock bulging forth from your hand with so much power and strength how excited you were. There was a tiny drop of moisture on the tip, waiting for me, waiting for my tongue to lick it up, telling me of your approval.

I stood there watching you, wanting to feel you deep inside me. I moved one hand to my breast and the other to between my legs. As I pushed my long lips apart, you could hear the wetness of my juices against my fingers. I could not see your response because my eyes were closed, imagining that my fingers were yours, massaging my clit, running circles around my pink opening. As I plunged my fingers inside I let out a loud moan which you accepted with an even louder moan of delight at my exhibition. You were stroking your hard, tall staff more forcefully now, and faster, telling me how much you wanted me to fuck you, asking me please to come sit on your face so you could taste those juices that you placed there. I was ready, even though I took just a minute more to exhibit me pleasing myself to you, causing the excitement to build further inside you, and me.

I climbed on the bed and placed my legs on top of your shoulders. As I lowered myself to your face, I felt your tongue reaching up to meet my wet, dripping pussy. With the touch of it I felt as though I would cum right there. Your tongue is so powerful, and moves so quickly while it is licking my juices. You nestled deep between my long lips and began tonguing me and sucking the juices from me. Your nose was rubbing against my clit so that I could not control myself. My hips were moving in motion with your tongue. I could feel my pussy pumping the juices from it as you continued to eat me with such force and passion, so much that I began to let go of one orgasm after anther. I tired to control them, but you never stopped, you kept drinking my juices and I kept exploding into one ecstasy after another, not ceasing for a moment.

I wanted you at that point so badly that nothing could stop me. I wanted to feel your strength deep inside me, all the way to the very top. As I left your face, I kissed your lips, tasting my juices, tasting the sweetness of your kiss, desperately needing to taste your juices. I moved down to between your legs, spreading them very far apart, looking at the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I wanted you deep down my throat, I wanted to feel your strength in my mouth. I licked the juices from the tip, oh those sweet juices. I could feel the passion swelling in your legs as I took the tip of your hard staff into my mouth. I worked it in and out, moving my tongue all around the edge of the head, in and out until I could stand it no longer and I needed to take him all the way in, all the way down my throat. I needed to feel your strength, your desire for me, and it was there. You were so wanting me that your hard staff would barely fit down my throat without gagging me. I had never felt him so hard, so big, so strong, I wanted more. I could tell you were at the top, you were wanting to reach that ecstasy. So I kissed your swollen staff and climbed on top, easing myself slowly down on top of him. But you wouldn't have that, you thrust your hips towards me
ramming yourself deep into me, hard and forceful. You kept thrusting, meeting me as I was pumping my hips with yours to ram you deeper and deeper. The force of your strong hard cock was stroking that spot deep inside my pussy that only you have been able to touch, stroking it hard and fast, pushing me closer to that explosion awaiting us both. In and out, in and out, we were breathing heavy and fast, you were yelling for me to fuck you, harder. Faster and faster we moved, feeling the passion within us boiling to that point of explosion that came with such intense fire, pushing us to a level of unknown desire. You reached up and took each breast into your hands, massaging them with each thrust of your hips. You pinched the nipples every so gently, but with such intense passion it hurt. I could sense the fire was about to explode, you were so strong, you were so deep, the force of your thrusts were bringing me closer to orgasm and I could tell that the tightness of my pussy, the wetness was bringing you closer too. You grabbed my waist and pushed me down, trying desperately to move your hard cock deeper inside me. Your moans were loud, our breathing was bold and heavy, the excitement within us was overwhelming and so erotic, forcing us to that explosion of ecstasy that bonds us closer each and every time. We moaned with such force as our bodies climaxed together, as we felt such a rush of ecstasy move all over our bodies, slowly, allowing us to enjoy every second.

As we laid there together, me in your arms, you holding me tight, we felt such contentment, satisfaction and such love. We knew, this was one moment that we would never forget, and re-create over and over with much more passion and desire each and every time we are together.

We laid there with each other, deep in our love and fell passionately asleep

rm_bushice 72M
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7/9/2006 10:46 pm

Oh My Ms Sheer!! oh lordie hun would luv to oh damm can't say it here !! I will say this tho hope u don't mind-- ure so Beautiful and not just ure body ure Beatiful in between ure ears! Wish I could do the word like u do!
hugs n wubs from ---

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