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6/11/2006 9:48 am

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My breath, comes slow and easy.
My wrists bound by silk rope,
stretched towards the ceiling
as though I were reaching for my God.
My eyes, covered in silk and leather,
my body draped in lose white satin
and nothing more.

He moves about me slowly, softly.
I can hear the light sound of his movement.
His quiet breath,
the deep whispers of his intent,
his commands
and I tremble
in anticipation.

For he is my God, in this moment.
Nothing but HE exists.
and as he moves about me
touching lightly, gently
my nipples harden,
skin glistens
breaths come shorter.
and I become wet,
in anticipation.
My body, like a flower
opens in full bloom
turning, twisting
seeking her sun,
the light that gives her life.

With the soft touch of his lips to mine
I arche to meet him,
as he stealthily moves away.
I try to anticipate
but I cannot,
for he is the master of this play.

All is touched, licked
kissed, tasted
all made HIS
from brow to toes and back.
I whimper as he bites
then kisses, then cools with breath
as he pushes my bounds, my thresholds
so slow, so painfully so
walking that fine line
where pain and pleasure become one
and I moan in anticipation.

He touches my shoulder,
white satin slithers to the floor,
a soft rustle
and in the long silence
a sound is heard
by sensitive ears.
A kind of soft whistle
that my body knows
and my mind exalts
my heart beats faster.

soft leather cat,
lays across breasts so precisely,
that only the slightest of stings is felt
and no mark mars it's passing.
And then again.
I moan in pleasure
and my body quivers
as he moves about me
laying on the cat.
And after each strike,
he kisses
where he once struck.
and she moans,
In anticipation.

I feel his teeth
at my tender thighs
his lips as they envelope slick skin
in his tongue
as he savors warm pungent juices
disjointing legs
in search of succulent morsels. the dark
I become his banquet
the liquid of his species.

I feel my muscles
begin to quiver
and pulls back
to his audible moan.
'Not just yet kitten' he whispers

Stepping back he surveys
ALL that I am my skin gleaming bronze,
a molten display of flesh
and female.
I hear him gasp
as his eyes touch upon
the sight of me.
WHO has the power?
For its now his anticipation

My lips red, ripe
with the color of our passion.
His mouth lingers
sucking the flavor
of spiced rum and my love
from my pliant lips,
their tongues dancing
the dance of ages.
My body liquid to his words,
a mass of swirling thickened life
changing form at his touch
as his hands trace a path
along my body
searching for the road home.
His words burning
trails of desire through my soul,
heat rising from my depths
the wetness allowing it to simmer.
My heart thrumming itself feral
gives him complete control
as his lips softly caress my flesh
burning, branding his love into me.
His mind lost in my breathy whispers
touching, milking my flesh
of its resistance.
His body aches as it feeds
his soul demanding
to devour mine...

For he is my savior tonight
as he crawls into my soul
turns my flesh inside out.

Sucking erect nipples
...caressing ..
golden bronze breast
my soft whimpers
escape parted lips
audible nourishment for his soul.
He removes my darkness, my bonds,
carries me to the waiting bed.
For tonight he is the master,
I the sacrificial lamb
upon silken sheets.

He fills me completely,
I am soaked
with the forbidden pleasure of it.
Hips held firmly, he pulls
and thrusts simultaneously.
Stretched beyond full,
guttural panting escapes him

'Mine' he growls

Withdrawing slightly
he buries himself to the hilt once more
staying deep,
I feel his power
with each stroke.

Raising shoulders
he grabs and pushes down,
.... holding....
Heat builds,
Strokes lengthen
desperate movements
as words turn to deep guttural sounds
thrusting deeply over
and over.

Suddenly, from within my depths
I explode
a zenith of pleasure
a mind-blowing detonation
squeezing spasms
I scream,
a l o n g deep wail
as everything goes black.

ospreyaloft 61M
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6/12/2006 12:17 pm

Sheer_elegance of sensitivity, sensualness and the fullest sense of appreciation of the fruits of erotic states of feeling .. delicious and so seductively shared .. an inner majesty claiming her rightful worshiping attentons.. ..brilliant

UpscaleGent44 59M

6/12/2006 12:25 pm

Your sensual erotic words provide such depth into such the confident sulrty lady that you are. I look forward to becoming better aquainted.

SirMounts 102M

6/16/2006 7:56 am

A stunning piece. Perfectly capturing the deepest of emotions.
A very warm welcome to blogging, Sheer Elegance.

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