Wow! How much!! surely not...!!!!!!  

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11/21/2005 12:36 pm

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Wow! How much!! surely not...!!!!!!

Me and my partner are fairly advneturous when it comes to play. We act out fantasies adn do lots of wild things. I must say that I normally lead things and with that in mind I had been thinking.

I love watching porn, especialliy scenes of tight pussys getting rammed and stretched by large cock.

Now my Lady had a Rampant Rabbit type vibrator which was good for her but just didnt fit the bill so I got her a bully boy toy. At first she was shocked and wouldnt use it but after some cajoling, lots of oral and reassurances she tried it and after getting pretty hot and bothered we managed to work the whole thing inside her!!! My mind was blown and I nearly blew as well, but this was not enough for me. My Lady was shocked and quite pleased that she had taken it all (dirty strumpet that she is!) Looking around teh net I found some larger toys including some dongs, being slightly evil I have selected a large 10' Doc Johnson Dong that is wider than usual. having purchsed this toy I kept it under wraps until we were playing and I introduced it to my girl.

Understandably shocked she tried to resist but I got my way and she relented (not having much choice,she was tied up you see) and I managed to work half of it in and out of her nice pussy. I loved working in in and out of her and i found it very arrousing that I could feel how stretched she was because of it.

This has become a toy of choice and most nights can find her ramming her slef with me watching or our favourite, her being manhandled and roughly taken by this big cock acting like a whore as she bucks her huips and pushes herself over it.

I am now pondering the next step what size do I get now?

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