Im back, Lucky me!! What happened!!!  

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12/1/2005 12:30 pm

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Im back, Lucky me!! What happened!!!

Well the other night was an explosive evening!

Sarah came into my 'studio' all nervous and shy. I asked her to sit down and then explained how i worked, showed her my camera and advised that 'I expect profesionalism, from the people who I work with' I looked her up and down and was honest with her, giving hera good letch. I couldnt get her photos in the mainstream for modelling but that with her body and if she was adaptable she could earn some money in 'other markets'. For her part Sarah nodded then with a bit of courage asked if I wanted her to strip, laughing I said 'no stripping this isnt a club, just undress down to bra and pants' When she was ready she sat down on the bed, taking the camera I started issuing directions to her, cross your legs, lie on your stomach, on your side, lay on your back, she started getting into it until i stopped. 'I realise you arent a professional model, but for the sort odf shots you want you will have to show a bit more'. She started baulking at this i put my camera doen and walked over I took the straps of her bra down, went back to the camera and took a few more shots telling her to pull her straps down more.
'I thought you wanted to be serious'. 'If you want money youll have to do it'. Sarah didnt want to but she unhooked her bra and let it fall, she started covering her chest but let her hand go as i admonished her all the while taking photos. It was quite arousing looking at her telling her to pose seeing some discomfort.

It was now time for her underwear, I got a few shots of her bending over and lingered over her cheeks and thighs, breathing on her pussy as I posed her how I wanted, making sure i got a good look and great shots. Still bent over I told her to start pulling her knickers down. kneeling up she started taking them dowm, very hesitantly. until they were half way. Turning around i could make out the top of a trimmed pussy, heich had me bouncing in my trousers, as i snapped her this way before telling her to take them all the way down.
She bit her lip and shook her head 'take them down!!!'. She quickly did so, and I relaxed her again talking smoothly and in a slightly seedy way.

She lay on her back as i stood over her, I had her kneel over my face and camera and took many more shots of her kneeling down. I showed her how I wanted her to pull her cheeks apart. taking real advantage i pulled her apart, thumbs brushing against her lips! I placed her hands and went back to snapping some more pictures. My hardon must have been aparent because she asked if she was finished.

i said not quite and explained that for her to make more money, if she simulated sex with an object or a sex toy she would get more money. the dumb girl agreed!!!!! so i got a collection of toys out. she pretended to suck a vibrator and rubbed it over the top of her pussy.........

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