Rules of She-Ra  

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8/1/2006 6:24 pm

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Rules of She-Ra

I recently joined the Younger Women for Older Men group and Stoolman, has comprised a list of rules from Men. Which are almost very true.

But I think women already know that our men are like model clay figures and we must mold and shape them so they will be emotional, sympathetic, kind, loving, understanding, cryers, love romantic movies and shopping, Well just like a girlfriend.

I believe most women are a mixture of pride, honor, love, and feistiness. But why wouldn't we be? Aren't we the only creatures that can procreate?

I don't believe a man could handle all the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual changes a woman goes through. From pregnancy, to being an adolescent, teenage years, hormones. It would be really great if men could get pregnant and have menses.

Oh and look ladies men believe we need a list of rules.

Quoting luvtolickualot2: Oh that the women have seen it....they will instantly make their rule list longer just to cancel out ours......which brings up the come you never see the woman's rules.....all you ever do is just hear about them...and they seem to change constantly?????

But wouldn't it be fun just to give them an idea of what our rules are? I am calling all ladies to add a rule to

Lessons In Love

Rule 1: Never interrupt a woman when she's speaking, nothing you have to say is important right now.

Rule 2: If you ask for an opinion, you will get one, don't make fun of it.

Rule 3: You must be concerned over a lady's needs at all times as much as your own.

Rule 4: Don't assume that when a woman takes up a task its just a "hobby"

....It starts.....

rm_mainevern 51M
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8/1/2006 6:56 pm

Rule 2.5f you don't ask for an opinion, you'll get one anyways

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