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SheFellFrmtheSky 33F
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8/22/2006 8:42 am
Read This!!

I was reading booty_licious10's blog. She made her first entry about her first interracial experience. I congratulated her on growing as a person. But that made me wonder.

How many of us on here are specifically looking for one color of person?

Do you feel you are depriving yourself of a wonderful experience?

Why do you not date outside your race? Is it heritage?

Did your parents decide the rest of you life for you?

Are you itching to try being with someone else but you are unsure?

My parents have never said that I couldn't. Their biggest thing was he needs to go to church with us. LMAO

If you were Christian you could be any race, or breed for that matter. But I am not surprised that racism and prejudices still exist. People are afraid to see whats on the inside of a person. Scared to feel.

Are you willing to tell everyone here that you have your prejudices? Speak up!

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