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8/22/2006 9:23 am

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Here's A Thought

Are we all not artists here in Blogland?

Or so maybe we'd like to believe. I've noticed a lot of you blog creators naming your blogs "My Blog"

Why? Then I look at what your member handle is and I'm like, well I know they do have some imagination. I think that a catchy title draws a person to read your blog. I made my title as a spin off of my handle. It suits me. Then I try to find some type of picture for each one. Some people use different styles and fonts.

Remember you are advertising your opinions, ideas, basically yourself. Could you sell yourself?

But its like there are so many people blogging that your blog may never be read. But don't be discouraged, someone will wonder across it one day. But one way to get people to read your blog; read theirs. Comment. Suggest it to the people you talk to.

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