TG: TS/TV/CD...Definition and terminology  

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12/6/2005 11:11 am

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TG: TS/TV/CD...Definition and terminology

I have been asked numerous of time about the difference of our lifestyle and terminology. Some are confused and some doesn't realize they are seeking something different then what they expected. I hope this article will help out and I grant you, it's not always an agreement among the transgender community.

Let's pretend the term Transgender is one big building. I will walk you through it and show you different floor levels.

Transgender (i.e. Tgirl, TG) is one big category. In this scenario, it's a building. We call it the Transgender building (community).
Let's go in shall we?

1st floor, we have the TV.
TV is short term for transvestite. Imagine Rocky Horror Picture show. Need I say more? LOL
Transvestite is predominantly straight men who get off wearing women's clothing.
It can be from pantyhose fetish, high heel fetish, lingerie fetish, lipstick fetish, or dressing up through the whole 9 yard. He can be into something what they call sissy cd dress up as a maid, with flurry things. Real tsgirls are not into that scene. I'll explain to you why later.
TV is into wearing women's attire for the sole purpose of arousal. They are predominantly straight but then again some are gay or bi. But mostly TV you will see are not as passable as they should. Because it's just a kick for them.

2nd floor, CD.
CD is a short term for Cross Dressers.
Ever been to a gay bar and watch drag shows? These are predominantly part time dressers. Not necessary into dressing for sexual arousal. They just want to dress up to get in touch with their femininity. They are part timers for lots of reason. Family issue, employments, or just the desire to dress up part time and just to be a girly girl. Majority of them has issue trying to live as a female 24/7 due to manly features and non passable. BUT there are a lot of CD that are so way passable, even more passable that a TS. Some of them even fooled me that I thought they are genetic females. Now that is impressive! Anyways, CD isn't primary a sexual kick. Drag Queens are an example. They do it for entertainment. Although there are a lot of real tsgirls that likes to do shows as well. You can tell the difference majority of the time.

3rd floor TS.
Now this floor has three rooms so bare with me on this.
TS are a short term for Transsexual (i.e. she male, lady boys, tsgirls, etc).
Now each room is a category that breaks up to let you know who is what.

1st door:
These are transsexuals who lives as a female 24/7, passable most of the time, and generally lives very discreetly about their gender just like the other two I am about to mention.
NON OP TSGIRLS enhances their femininity but yet, they have no plans for the SRS (Sexual Re-assignment Surgery i.e.: Sex Change). Why?
Various reasons.
1. Can not afford the SRS.
2. Medical issue that makes them not a good candidate for the SRS.
3. Chose not to have the SRS.
These girls are the type that most "straight" or "bi" men like to go after because of the idea that NON OP TSGIRL is best of both worlds. Breast and penis, passable, beautiful, feminine, and naturally have that female quality.

2nd door:
These are transsexuals who are on the road and preparing for the transitioning completely (SRS). They are passable, beautiful, and made the decision to complete her anatomy of a genetic female. She uses all kinds of hormones that cause testosterone levels to drop and the astringent to increase. There is a bad side effect to that. She being a pre op, generally loses her ability to have an eraction and/or orgasm. This is necessary since it helps increase the feminization. Some has claimed that their ability to perform with eractions and/or orgasm is still effective. But most claim that it no longer works. Most don't really care since they plan to get rid of it anyways.

3rd door:
These women are now completed with their journey.
Transgender women who has accomplished their goal to match their outside exterior to their inside interior. Most achieved this goal without complication and are sexually functional. Some, unfortunately, does not.
It all depends on the success of a surgeon.

Which category do I fall into?
I'm proud to say I am a NON OP TSGIRL.
Why? This is the life I have chosen. I am already happy and content of who I am. I don't consider myself in a transitioning mode. I consider it...feminine enhancement

NOW...I hope you enjoy the tour and hopefully this helps out on any questions about us.

Final Note:
I personally do not like categories or labels.
We are all unique individual who should view each other with open mind and open hearts. Accept everyone around you regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, race, age, disabilities, weight, height, and any other differences that are from you. If everyone was to eliminate categories and labels, we would never have wars. It all begins with you.

My name is Delilah, and I approve this message...LMAO

freetime648 52F

12/6/2005 1:57 pm

Well, I am impressed and informed! Thank you for clarifying these things. I have always wanted to ask but never have! I appreciate the way you approached this subject too!!! Thank you very much and good luck in your endeavors!!!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

florida_boy_27 38M

12/9/2005 5:17 pm

I also just wanted to thank you for clearing it up for me. You made it really simple to understand and thanks again.

rm_txscorpion 42M
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12/24/2005 7:39 pm

I must say...very informative. I, for one, never truely knew the differences between TS or TV, let alone the true meaning behing CD's. Lack of knowledge led me to believe that they were all one in the same.

Labels are something that the everyday community can do without. There are far too many other important issues at hand other than trying to box someone into a specific "label" or "type".

Hopefully there will be more people to stop by to get an educational lesson on the differences and definition behind them. Thanks for the lesson.


~The Scorpion King~

rm_fantacb 45M/44F

2/10/2006 10:22 pm

NON OP TSGIRL? Tits and a Cock? Turns me on something big!
Thank You!

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