Pleasing Big Daddy  

SheDevil_TGirl 42T
10/26/2005 12:59 pm
Pleasing Big Daddy

He knocked loudly on the door. As promised, I greeted him wearing only a see through black lingerie, black silky thigh high, and stiletto spike heels. He is wearing his denim as he has promised to me. The leather jacket that drapes over his shirt was inviting. He worked his way in, holds my arms and starred into my eyes. He knows that I am scared, like a lost little girl. He uses his finger and lifts my chin so I can look deep into his eyes to let me know, he has arrived to take me. There is no backing out now. The nerve in me has to settle. He knew what to do. He runs his lips softly over mine. We didn't even open our mouths. Just glide his lips. Then the little kiss turned into deep throat tongue sucking action as passion is flooding both our bodies. There is no turning around now, I am all his.
He holds my hand, guides me to the bed. But before he reaches the bed, he let me go into the bedroom first. While he is behind me, he plays with my long hair. Then all of a sudden, I felt my hair being pulled. I'm screaming in my mind, "Oh my God! This man has a handful of my hair” No time to think because his hard on bulge is already in motion. His jeans compliments his raging hard on. He kisses my neck as he pulls my hair back. He made me face the bed. He grinds his hard on print through his jeans against my tight barely covered ass. He pulls my head back further to let me know, this is the moment that he will take complete control of my body, my mind, my heart, and now my soul.
His lips glide up and down the side of my neck. He doesn't use his tongue yet. He just wanted to whisper in my ear, "I am going to fuck your brains out. Little girl, I hope you are ready because you will give it up!" His hand starts to wonder around my waist as he still hasn’t let my hair go yet. He starts to work my neck with his tongue and his lips. He releases my hair with the other hand and reaches around for my breast. The other hand, discovering the girl’s ultimate secret. He uses his finger to lightly and gently caress my swollen candy. He can feel the print through my silky thong. He whispers, "Your candy is all mine..."
He turns me around to face him. Grabs one of my hands and guide it to his crotch. He wanted me to fondle him through his jeans. His raging hard on is ready to bust right outside of his denim. He guides me to my knee. Grabs his harden through his jeans and press my face against it. He said in a soft tone, "This is all for you, little girl..."
I knew what he wanted me to do. He holds my hair again and pulls it back, making me look up at him. He smiles as he uses his other hand to unzip his pants. He releases my hair, takes my hand, and directs me into his pants. "Pull it out", he orders. I acknowledge.
As I pull his hard cock out, he takes a handful of my hair again. He gently pulls my hair back to make me look up at him. "Your lips are made for this," he said as he rubs the bottom shaft of his cock up and down my face. Then lightly and gently, he pats my cheeks with his hard cock. My lips, red and swollen, are now massaging his shaft. He runs his shaft side to side of my lips. "Open wide, little girl...."


dominiczeknude 45M
2 posts
10/23/2006 7:00 pm

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