Pleasing Big Daddy (Part 4)  

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1/1/2006 1:54 pm

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Pleasing Big Daddy (Part 4)

...."I'm going to fuck your ass like there is no tomorrow..."
I knew then that there is diffentatly no turning back. I am about to lose my anal virginity by this dominating man. He knew what to say to get my blood boiling. He knew the right button. What I did not expect is the feeling of fear and thrill at the sametime. It is undescribible.
He releases his belt off of my wrist. I felt a little free but this man has me pin down on the bed. He removes kisses me softly even more. Now the aggressor has become more passionate. I knew then not to have the fear anymore. But to trust him that he will take care of me as I plot to take care of him too.
I felt a cold lube being smeared on my asshole. He fingers me for a moment. "Damn, little are tight as hell," he exclamin. He slips one finger in and I can already feel the stretching of my sugar walls. It is a bit of pain and I am feeling something that a vibrator couldn't give me. This is feeling a bit weird but good.
He continues to penetrate me deeper with his finger. He is now using the second finger. He slips his second finger in with the first and stops. He is allowing my love hole to relax and accept his thick fingers. Then he slowly pumps as his other hand reaches for my vibrator. As he stretches my hole, he releases the fingers and that very moment, he inserts the toy. It is a bit bigger than both fingers. It is making me feel more wet then I expected. He stares into my eyes and smiles...."you like that don't you? My little fuck toy slut,"he said with a bit of diabolical laugh. He lays next to me. Makes me rest my head on his arm as he fucks me with the toy. He kisses me more and more. Deeper tongue action, lots of saliva developing as we kiss. He licks my lips and works his way down to my neck. I can feel the toy going in deeper and deeper as his tongue explore my nipples. He pulls the toy out and toss it across the room. "You ready for the real thing, little girl," He asked. All I could do was acknowledge him and before I knew it, he was straddles on top of my face. Making me suck on his cock somemore. "Deeper bitch, make it good and wet. I'm gonna fuck you," he orders. I am already gagging on his cock. I can't breath but yet I can feel him digging in deep down my throat. As he straddles over my face, he is reaching for the lubrication. He rocks back and forth choking me as he pour a small amount of lube on his fingers. He reaches around and penetrates me some more with his well lubed finger. Then he slips off of me and starts to kiss me. He licks my neck, my chest, my nipples, down to the naval. I can feel his goatee gliding gently down my torso. My candy fully erected. He starts to suck on the candy some more. As he suck on my candy, he is lubricating his hard cock and jerking. Simutanuasly, he would lube more of his enourmous cock, finger and lube my ass, and his goatee is tickling my candy balls. I had to gasp for deep breath, my heart pounding and ready to burst. Then he gently lifts both of my legs up high. He grabs a pillow and slips it underneath me for better exposure and preparedness. He allows my legs to rest on his arms. I can feel his head exploring my love hole. He is staring at me and lifting one of my leg higher. "Be a good little girl and don't make a sound, " he orders again. To assure of my quietness, he takes his underwear and places it in my mouth. He closes my jaw. "You will need something to bite on, little girl" As my eyes grew larger, I could feel the excrusiating pain of his head entering me. I start to whimper. "ssshhh little girl, daddy is going in...shhhhh be a sweetheart and take me..."
With one single stroke, I felt a sharp pain as his head enters the hole. OH MY GOD, he is going in! HE IS IN! "ssshh, I said stop whimpering you little slut," he orders again. To make sure I comply, he places his hands over the underwear that is still in my mouth. He covers my mouth tight as his other arm makes sure my leg is up higher. He looks deep into my watery eyes. "Take it, little girl...take it". As that one single stroke, he goes in deeper and deeper. Then he stops. "to make sure your ok, I am resting my cock inside of you until you are relaxed, " he explains. He uses his other hand to craddle my leg. This time, he uses his teeth to remove the underwear that had me muffled. He spits it off the side of the bed. Gently, he craddles my legs with his arms again spreading it wider. He reaches over and kisses me, "relax my little girl, relax"...then the ultimate rythem of his pusating cock started to pull...then he pushes. He starts out slow to pound. This big daddy did it right. Started off gently but yet I am still submitted to his demands. I start to whimper a little more. He lay his head next to mine. I can feel his shoulder muscles with my finger tips. His goatee resting on my neck. This time he whispers as he gently fucks me, "baby girl, you are so tight. Daddy loves his little girl's tight ass. I am going to have to fuck you harder...mmmmmmm" He gets back up a little, licks my neck and his arms craddling my legs wider. My ass is up, he is now on his feet pounding unmerciful. My nails digging into his back and shoulder as I moan louder and louder. Now this is the kind of moan that got him very excited. The whimpering and moaning knowing he has broke his little girl in pounding in rythems. My legs on top of his shoulder, he is now giving me the relentless pounding and I am already screaming. He rest his knees again on the mattress, still inside of me, he lifts my legs higher. Then he does the wishbone split and rams harder inside of me. I can feel the candy juice spewing out like a faucet all over me. He is moaning louder as he jams his hard cock in me. He has gone from gentle and now an aggressive fucker. He fucked me so hard I couldn't think straight. I tried to wiggle a bit to ease the pounding but he takes my arms and pins it against the bed. This turned him on more as he fucks me harder. He drops on top of me letting my legs rest but yet spread for him. Still inside of me, he kisses me and whispers, "Who's your daddy...who's your daddy?" "You are...oh my god you are the daddy, " I replied with the moan and whimper in between. He continue to fuck me as he lay his whole weight on top of me. Pinning my arm and spread out on the bed, I suprised him with a counter attack. My legs wrapped around him, I managed to subdue him by making him immobile. He couldn't pound but he is still deep inside of me. He looked a bit confused. He releases my arms and I wrapped it around his shoulders. Before we both could say anything, he and I managed to roll over and this time...the little girl is now on top of big daddy...Now the time has come for the sub to become an aggressor!
Still inside of me, I bend over to kiss him. My breast is rubbing on his chest. He is a bit vulnerable but still has the upper hand being inside of me. I lean upward and straddles on top of his cock. I lean far over so he can play with my little girls. I am now holding his calves and riding his hard cock. One of his hand is fondling one of my little girl as his other starts the jerking motion on my candy. I am now controlling this venture and he is going to lay there and enjoy the ride...


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