Concluding Pleasing Big Daddy  

SheDevil_TGirl 42T
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1/16/2006 12:27 pm

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8/25/2006 3:20 am

Concluding Pleasing Big Daddy

This will be by reader's participation. I need your help to conclude the series of my fantasy. Let's see what you got!
You must tell your story on how this will end by replying to this blog. Tell me how you want it to end and I will take each contents of reply and put it together. Besides, I am curious of your fantasy
You must begin with this sentence and post as if I am the one posting it:
I am now controlling this venture and he is going to lay there and enjoy the ride...

Then all you have to do is finish the story in your own words.
Fellas...put the cum rag down and help me conclude...
Pleasing Big Daddy!

rm_captwilly11 41M

1/21/2006 7:37 pm

Concluding Pleasing Big Daddy

Still inside of me, I bend over to kiss him. My breast is rubbing on his chest. He is a bit vulnerable but still has the upper hand being inside of me. I lean upward and straddles on top of his cock. I lean far over so he can play with my little girls. I am now holding his calves and riding his hard cock. One of his hand is fondling one of my little girl as his other starts the jerking motion on my candy. I am now controlling this venture and he is going to lay there and enjoy the ride...

Him speaking now:

She's taken control! I love it!
God, her ass is so tight I don't know how long I can last. Her candy feels so big in my hand I just want stroke it and stroke it good so we both cum at the same time. She's riding me so good. "That's it baby ride Daddy! Ride Daddy good!" I put some more lube on my hand and start stoking her faster now. We both moan with desire. The faster I stroke her candy the faster she rides me. My cock is so hard! Just like her candy. I pull her down to my lips and kiss her deep and hard while holding on to her hair. I start thrusting my hips to meet her rhythm. My cock's so deep in her now. That's it make Daddy cum in your tight ass! Do you like how it feels? Tell me little girl. Tell me how good it feels to have Daddy in you while I play with your candy. "Oh God yes it feels so good" she moans, "Stoke me faster, harder!". I do as she asks. Tell Daddy when baby, tell me when you're gonna cum so I can cum with you!
I start licking and sucking on her little girls again. "That's it Daddy" "Oh that feels so good Daddy" She's close now, and so am I. I can tell by her voice and how she trembles and moans with every stroke of her candy stick.

Time to turn the tables.

Without a word while holding her hair tightly I roll her over and take back control. I start thrusting and stoking even harder and faster. It's time little girl! Daddy's going to cum in your ass right now! "Yes, yes! Do it now Daddy! Cum for me now!" That's it, that's all it takes, just hearing those words makes me let loose. Oh God baby Daddy's cumming! As I say that her candy lets loose with more of it's own luscious juice. Feel it baby, feel my cock explode deep in your ass pussy. "Oh Daddy yes! Yes! I can feel it" We both shake and tremble together. Clutching and holding each other tight as the waves of orgasm wash over and over us.
Then, as my head clears and I return to the now I pin her arms back and kiss her hard and deep again and again. Sucking and licking her mouth and tongue like some fresh, ripe, luscious fruit.
I pull my lips away and while I'm still in her and ask, who's your Big Daddy tonight little girl!? Tell me who? "You are", she whispers in my ear. "Your my Big Daddy tonight".
With that I smile and take some of her candy juice on my finger tips and lightly rub it on her lips and softly kiss her again.

I slowly stop kissing her and look deep into her eyes and ask longingly,, got any ice cream around?

SheDevil_TGirl 42T

1/23/2006 5:35 am

OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT IS IT!! I am so ready for big daddy to break me in gently and then aggressively pound my tight ass!!

rm_JamminJ351 47M
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8/19/2006 12:38 pm

Bend over baby BIG DADDY is here to tear your ass up. I want to cuff your hands spank your ass and then pound it until you beg me to stop.

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