The Interstate Throwdown  

ShawnRikar 36M
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3/27/2006 12:46 pm

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3/31/2006 12:14 pm

The Interstate Throwdown

I had found a cutie (5'6" 105lbs C) who was explorative and wanted to show me what she could do. We jumped in my car and decided to shopping. I was hoping the shopping trip would allow me to loose the invisible vice on her knees that seemed to be doing a good job of keeping me away from my (and hopefully her) pleasure. I got onto the interstate and was talking of a few of the things that the car had seen in its life (quite a list of stupid driving stunts), when she decided she would give me a preview of what she could do. It was then decided she wanted to see if I could last until the next town (40 miles) engaged in sex. If i did she would come back to my place for an all night rodeo, but if not i would just get the once over and call it at that. When she took her top off i did not need any encouagement to shed my pants. It started as being a test of endurance, but soon escilated to a test of skill because i had never driven while having sex before. I must admit i was very glad that there were few cars on the road then cause 75 mph does not allow for alot of error when someone is attempting to get you off before the next town. I was attempting to get there as fast as i could because it was very evident that she was very good. I made very sure she could not give me a bj because it would be a no contest she would win, but if she was on top i was sure i could make it. At mile marker 12 she started to get wet and i knew it was going to be a land slide. It took a while for me to get situated behind the wheel, but by this time i had figured it out. Set the cruise at 75, shift to face the passanger door, right leg on the passanger seat, left leg on the floorboard, and her on top of me, ass approximately where the armrest would be if it were down. I had no problem driving other than the new view directly in front of me. Took a while to say the hell with the view of the tits bouncing in my face and just focus on the driving. As you can imagine the driving got a mite more difficult as the trip went on. I could smell her cum better and better as the trip grew closer to the end, which was not helping me to go for endurance. She was cumming uncontrollably at approx mile marker 23. Not overly sure on the exact location due to the incredibly hot female riding me like I was her only ticket outta hell. While the view was excellent, i had to make sure to keep the car in one lane as much as possible, to ensure we didn't get pulled over by a cop. It could then appear atleast close to her just being close to the driver (ignoring of course the fact that she was naked, wait no she did have he socks on). It started feeling REALLY good at mile marker 30. I could feel the fact that i was not going to make it, so I had to buy time and pick up the pace. I reset the cruise control to 105 mph, and moved my mouth up and gently squeezed her left nipple with my teeth. Now for those who don't know there is a large view obstruction when you do this. I did no see the fact that we had wandered into a speed trap. I was at Mile marker 37. I had 3 miles to go and she was mine. I knew i was caught, but i could still salvage the night of heaven. I Slid my ass fully into my seat, forcing her closer to me, and hit the gas to the floor with my left foot. She was screaming in pleasure from the nipple tease, and she slowed the riding action to regain her composure. The cop was gaining on me and i knew he had me before i would gwet there if i didn't think quick. I hit a lever above my radio that was added to my car for just such an occation. It loweres a fog screen infront of my front and rear license plates. As the cop got closer i could see it was a state patrolman, and his day was about to get interesting. I have driven for 3 getways in my life, but i never had to run from the law as everyting went as planned. I rolled past mile marker 39 as we hit denser traffic. I had barely enough room to maneuver between the other cars, but it also meant that the patrollman was having similar difficulty. I had just a few seconds to go as i could feel i was about to cum. I could see the sign approaching very fast as i whipped the car off the road itself and onto the shoulder to take the next exit without the hastle of messing with anymore cars. the mile marker rolled by and i threw her off of me, pointed out that i had not cum into the condom, and then came as i was taking the exit at 115. she took great pleasure in jerking me off with the condom while i was driving down the two lane highway still trying to shed the patrollman. I was forced to use drastic measures to evade the patrollman. I took a hammer from under my seat, and tossed it up into the air from my sunroof. The hammer hit directly in the middle of the patrollman's winshield as i grabbed the e-brake and went for a 180 in the middle of the highway. I made it around and the patrolman made it into the ditch a quarter mile down the road. I drove to a heavily wooded area where we decided ti get the night of heaven started early.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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3/27/2006 2:00 pm

I want to go shopping!!!!

Purry {=}


angelofmercy5 59F
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3/27/2006 6:16 pm

Good Lord! The things a man will go through for sex!

ShawnRikar 36M
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3/29/2006 2:09 pm

that's not even a start of the things i have done for sex. The list is huge, but as i get more time i will post atleast most of the things i have done, most of them are pretty funny.

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