The Art of Suggestions  

ShawnRikar 36M
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4/21/2006 12:19 pm
The Art of Suggestions

My friends and i have done alot of crazy things in the absence of alcohol. Like
1.) when there was a tornado drill at the college. Everyone was walking into the college as we were walking out of the college to see where the tornados were going to touch down. When we got outside there was not alot of wind, clouds overhead, and it was not warm enough for a tornado to get any momentum going, so we went to McDonalds instead.
2.) It was suggested that it would be theoretically possible to drive on railroad tracks to the next stop and get off at the next railroad crossing. So i got on the tracks, let the tires down to half inflation, and let the car do its thing. The next stop was like 20 miles and we cruised down the tracks at about 45 mph. The only thing i overlooked was i had no air bubble when we got to the other crossing. I had to drive like 5 miles on 4 low tires, but we got there. We weren't worried about oncoming trains because we knew the tracks were unused and we knew where both ends were and how much had been taken out when the railroad company chose not to fix an accident on em.
3.) I had to do this because it just sounded wierd and cool when a friend thought of it. Walk into a bowling alley with an empty bowling bag. Find 2 bowling balls you like and set them onto the ball return for you to use. You need to make sure one of them you pick is close to the bag you set down. You bowl your game or games. Pay for the bowling and set one of the bowling balls into the bag, smile to the people running the alley as you walk out.
4.) I am VERY proud to admit that i have NOT, let me repeat NOT, done this. I was the one who thought of the ploy tho. I kinda persuaded a frind of mine to do this. We went to Des Moines to do this so no one would know us and would make him feel better. He walked out into rush hour traffic that was moving along at 20 mph, stopping at times wearing a full leather bodysuit. He was also holding a sign that said "I am dRuNk please pinch Me anywhere you feel the NEED." I think i got the capitals in there in the right places. Every car he would come to, he would stop and say hello with the sign close to the car windows. I saw him go up to like 3 cars before i couldn't watch anymore because i was laughing so hard. He ran into the restroom that was near by to change into his normal clothes, and we headed home still laughing histarically.
5.) I had a decent idea on the fly when we drove up to a Post Office cause i needed to send out a letter. We got there and there was a cop car out front. I walked in, bought a stamp that i would need for my letter i needed to mail, smiled and thanked the clerk, walked to the door, and ran as fast as i could to my friends car. I dove into the psaagenger window and got seated and buckled up before he pulled out of the parking lot, and accelerated up to the speed limit rather quickly, but without squalling the tires. Oh yeah i almost forgot when i dove in i shouted "GO GO GO GO!" The cop, of course pulled us over. He walked up to the window and asked what we thought we were doing and i held up the stamp and said in a sarcastic voice "I bought a STAMP!!!" We were questioned, and the entire process was reviewed by 4 cops, and it was deemed we did not break any laws, so we were free to go.

Well these are the top 5. I hope your impression of me has not fell too far, but if it did, oh well. I am sure that i will get over it

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