Beautiful Women are Blind  

ShawnRikar 36M
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4/13/2006 3:33 pm
Beautiful Women are Blind

Sorry to all of you beautiful gals out there that look great. Yep that is right i am sorry to all of you. YOU ARE BLIND. No matter how many times you hear it, you look amazing. What response do you give in return? Let me guess. "Thank you, but i don't look that good." Or my personal favorite, "What are you talking about, can you see this?" Usually this is accompanied with a pinch on the sides, the butt, the belly, the arms, or pointing to the nose, the eyes, the cheek bones, the arms that you don't think are sexy, ect. I don't care about the ability for YOU to find the little improvements that you feel you NEED to make yourself look good. Sorry ladies it is not about the "one little thing" then you are perfect. Nobody's perfect, never will be, totally impossible. You have to look at what you have. Add up your score on what you think you have on this list and if you score higher than a 2 or a 3, you are HOTTTTTT honey.
Silky hair +

Good body +

Silky smooth skin +

Positive outgoing attitude +

Good butt +

Large breasts +

Clothes that show off clevage or get close to crotch +

are very flexible +

Lets face it at this point take your score and multiply it by three and that is what most of the guys think of your looks. Women only see the bad, so i do have to say Open your eyes to what is good about yourself and finally agree once in a while with what guys tell you ladies. If someone tells you that you are hot there is a very good possibility that you are.

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