April Fools 2006  

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4/3/2006 9:29 am

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April Fools 2006

Like usual i was the butt of another April Fools joke. I was headed over to Creston, IA to make sure i would have enough MT Dew to get me through the weekend and hopefully half the week if possible (around 20 2 liters). I got my Dew and was headed back home when i got a call from a friend that she needed to talk to somebody and wondered if i would come over. I said i would because i was close to her area anyway. When i got to her house, i noticed there was a pumpkin outside on her front porch. Being a person who is easily distracted, when she got to the door i commented on it not being halloween, and why she had a pumpkin on her porch. She said her boyfriend dumped her and she needed someone to talk to, and my first thought was, "Crap i am gonna need to get a bottle of Dew outta the car to make sure i can sit in one spot for more that 30 seconds." She started crying, so i gave her a hug to comfort her and said it would be alright. She said that it was all his fault and that all he ever wanted from her was sex. To this i replied that well, you are a very attractive woman and that any guy that met her would not be thinking of how good a person she is on the inside. To this she dove across the sofa we were sitting on and threw her arms around me and thanked me for being honest. Of course i was thinking about all of the positions i could see her in moaning, wet, and wild. It does kinda suck when you move in on a woman like that and suddenly you become a friend and any hope of sex flies right out the window.
She said the fight was last night and that she needed someone there with her to help her get over her grief. My hopes was to gain some points and hopefully catch her on the rebound side of her feelings and get a little. We talked for, wait no let me rephrase this, she talked for the good part of 4 hours and all i really said through most of it was: Yep, Nope, Uh huh, yeah, naw it's ok, a'ight, ect.... at the end of this time she said she was feeling better, and so i asked if she wanted to go bowling, to a movie, out to dinner, or to rent a movie. She said she would really enjoy going out to dinner, so we did. she had "just a salad" and then stole like half of my baked potato, but all guys know the "but i anly had a salad." i paid for the dinner and we went back to her place and i could see she had a good time, so i asked if she wanted me to stay for a while. she said that would be fine, so when i got inside i turned on all of the charming genes i could muster. I gave her every compliment i had been saving up for all of that time of wanting to date her, but to no avail. After being there for an hour she let me kiss her on the lips. For the first time in my life i didn't really care where we were, what we did, who we saw or anything except the kiss i was getting right then. After 3 minutes of kissing on the couch she asked of i wnated to head over the bedroom. i said i would so she told me where the door was and to go there and she would be there in a sec. I got there and her boyfriend was in there. Well, sensing an oppertunity, i kneed him in the tools and hit him as hard as i could with an uppercut. he flew back into the walland fell over in a heap. I was feeling pretty proud of my instincts at thAt point, and wondered if i could throw his ass outside and lock the door. she was right on the way to the door so i threw him in the corner and started looking for something that i could hit him with to make sure he stayed down for the count. She asked what the commotion was and i said i just dropped my shoes. when she came around the corner she saw her boyfriend laying in the corner with me standing by the the lamp looking for something heavy. She cried out for hima and ran over to check and see if he was ok and i said not to worry i would throw him out in a sec, and she said while crying that it was an April Fools prank, that they had not broken up but wanted to play a prank on me. At this point i said that in my defense i did not know what he would be doing there if they had broken up, but after 3 or 4 minutes i found some rubbing alcohol and waved it under his nose and that brought him around. I looked his head overand he did have a cut on the back of his head from the fall, but was otherwise only bruised. She did say the thought was nice of me to protect her, but that she didn't like the fact i beat the crap outta her boyfriend. I am not too sure if my desire for her was very apparent or not, but i got outta there before anyone made that connection. What an April Fools Day!!!

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4/4/2006 5:51 pm

That was something!

Purry {=}


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