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SS05's Squirting Instructions

Instructions for squirting.

First off, I understand that this instruction manual is probably going to make its way around this wonderful internet. I am not claiming to be the most knowledgeable in the subject, but hopefully you will find this informative and helpful in your quest to become a squirter. Feel free to link to this or share with friends.

Written by ShavenStud05 (Jan 2006)

We should explain what the female ejaculation is before describing the steps in creating the g-spot orgasm which causes the ejaculate to erupt from the vaginal area. Sue Johanson, noted sex educator, teaches that the clear liquid is g-spot fluid, secreted by the Skene's glands, and released in large quantity in conjunction with a G-spot orgasm. She notes that the fluid is clear, smells sweet, and does not stain, making it fundamentally unlike urine. It has been shown that some women do leak urine during orgasm, the spasms sometime forcing the urine out like a jet, similar to male ejaculate.

So you understand, most members of the medical community have been in disagreement of where female ejaculation comes from, but we do know for sure that it is secreted from the urethra.

Currently, I have isolated 3 ways to achieve female ejaculation that have worked for others. Please note that I have not attempted all 3 ways, but at least 2 of them have worked for me in personal experiences. The 3 ways are: Anal stimulation, Fisting and G-spot stimulation. We will cover these in alphabetical order. Just make sure you have lined your bed with plastic and towels!

Anal Stimulation
NOTE: This is probably best done while wearing latex gloves. Also, it is not necessary to insert any fingers into the vagina.

1. Have the female get onto her hands and knees. I only suggest this because it will be easier for the partner to have full anal access.
2. Lubricate your hand and the anal area. Make sure you keep the lube close by (in case more is needed during stimulation).
3. Gently massage the anus, slowly opening the entrance with your fingers.
4. Insert your thumb into the anus, massaging downward on the intestinal wall. (This motion pushes the intestinal wall towards the g-spot).
5. Continue to massage downward and encourage the female to push downward when the urge to urinate comes about.

NOTE: It is not necessary to have your whole hand inserted, as long as your fingers are past the 3rd knuckle inside the vagina. The use of latex gloves is also recommended (to protect the vaginal walls).

1. Allow the female to relax on her back. Her legs should be spread just beyond shoulder width (any farther may cause some pain as the hand is inserted).
2. Lubricate your hands and the vagina. Make sure you keep the lube close by (in case more is needed during stimulation).
3. Massage the opening of the vagina with both index fingers, moving in a "U" shape. Gently begin to increase pressure to loosen the vaginal opening.
4. Insert the index and middle finger into the vagina and push down towards the rectum. Begin a swinging motion from side to side, steadily increasing pressure to further open the vagina.
5. Next insert the ring finger and gently move your hand in a up and down motion, keeping the fingers next to each other.
6. Finally insert your pinky and begin to push inward (you may need more lube). Make sure to occasionally back out about 1/2 inch and begin pushing in again. Also give a 90 degree rotation when backing out.
7. Once you have your fingers beyond the 3rd knuckle (preferably the entire fist), begin to wiggle your fingers slightly. Make sure the back side of your fist is down so you do not block the opening of the vagina.
8. When the female feels the urge to climax, take your other hand and push down on her abdomen. At the same time, angle her vagina upward and prepare yourself for the flood.

G-spot stimulation
NOTE: There are different designs of dildos made for stimulating the g-spot and will achieve the same effects instead of fingers.

1. Place a pillow inside a garbage bag and cover it with a towel. Position this underneath the female’s bottom to tilt the vagina upward for maximum effect. Make sure her legs are spread as far apart as you can get them.
2. Lubricate your hand and the vaginal area. Make sure that the lubrication is also squirted into the vagina opening (again, make sure the lube is close by).
3. Slowly work the middle finger into the vagina and rotate your hand.
4. Now insert your index finger and work both fingers into the vagina.
5. Gently rotate your fingers and move in and out of the vagina. At the same time, take your other hand and spread her vaginal lips apart to reveal the urethra.
6. Now curve your index and middle fingers into the "come here" gesture. Continue to make this motion until you feel the sponge area begin to swell.
7. While your fingers are still in the "come here" motion, take the pinky of your other hand and begin to massage the urethra (make sure your pinky is well lubed).
8. Slowly insert the tip of your pinky into the urethra. It does not have to be inserted very far, just enough to stimulate the opening.
9. Now flick the opening of the urethra with your pinky. CAUTION: she may begin to buck her hips as you do this.
10. As she feels the urge to urinate, encourage her to push down hard. Make sure you keep flicking the opening of the urethra.
11. When she begins to squirt, it may become too intense to have both hands working her vaginal area, so remove your index/middle finder and continue to flick the opening of the urethra. She will continue to gush in waves.

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ShavenStud05 43M

1/8/2006 8:16 am

I was attempting to link to a particular message in a group, but I see they have modified my link. To see some of the influence of this topic, go to Peeing Pleasures and search for the thread:

INFO: Female orgasms, ejaculation, G-spot, and peeing

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

1/11/2006 6:26 pm

I think squirting is peeing im sure of it actually

brilliant blogg


ShavenStud05 43M

1/11/2006 6:46 pm

    Quoting silkysmoothlegs3:
    I think squirting is peeing im sure of it actually

    brilliant blogg

It is a fascinating subject (and very erotic), but there is a difference between peeing and squirting. The fluid comes from the same area, but is created by different glands.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

1/11/2006 10:10 pm

Yeah well i havent done it..

But ill take your word for it

Ill just listen to the pleasure everyone else gets out of it

ShavenStud05 43M

4/8/2006 12:00 pm

    Quoting rm_FEinaustin:
    it is most definatly not peeing and has been proven medically. there is a drug that makes your pee colored. a doctor used the drug. she drained her bladder by peeing. the pee was blue ( i think that is color. drug is peridian) then she was stimulated to squirting FE orgasm,. the squirt was not blue. then she recovered and went and peed again afterwards and the urine was still blue. she was a medical doctor and she proved it for herself. it is a proven fact that squirting is not urine. it tastes sweet, has no odor, is clear and i know it is not urine. as a copious squirter i think I would know if it was urine. I have a 122 page ebook on squirting I can share with anyone who desires more info on squirting, how to do it and what it is.
Please pass the info along. I sent you a message.

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