Fantasy #2 - Part I  

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2/22/2005 8:10 am

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Fantasy #2 - Part I

I was hanging out with an old friend and had no interest in her at the time. We spent quite a lot of time together. We'd go to the movies, go out to eat and go clubbing. She'd tell me about her problems, mainly with her boyfriend.

There were lots of long, late night talks. She'd tell me about her "special" sundays when she would get horny and masturbate. She told me she would get so horny that she'd do any man that walked through the door. I started having a thing for her and could only dream of barging in on her during a sunday session. Unfortunately I was married to my job and had to work on sundays.

One evening we were having a late night talk and I was giving her a back massage. It was like a light shined down on her neck. I leaned over and began to kiss her neck. My hands moved down her sides and I leaned in closer. I began to rub her breasts and licked her shoulders. She tilted her head back and we began to french kiss. I slid my hand down inside her panties and began to masturbate her. I wanted her so bad, but her boyfriend was asleep on the couch in the other room. We both were reluctant to stop but we had come to our senses and figured this was not the right place.

I left all hot and bothered and went home and had a very intense masturbation. What an oragasm! I had to have her soon, so I began plotting when and where our first fuck was going to happen. She was a little shy for that entire week. Of course, there was so much running through her mind. Her man, me, the naughtiness of hot lust. I gave her some time before I made the next move.

2 weeks went by. We were sitting on the couch at my place watching some tv and talking. One thing led to another and we began kissing. Kissing led to mutual masturbation. Her eyes were glossy and I placed my hand on her and began to masturbate her. She was lost in her own world of ecstasy. She came a few times and I moved on top of her. I entered her wet, warm pussy. She came as soon as I was inside. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and I came quick. We both felt embarassed. I wanted to have a second round, but she wanted to go home. Being a nice guy, I kissed her goodnight and walked her to her car.

The moment to redeem myself had arrived one week later. We were moving some stuff for a relative into their new place. The house was empty and we were alone. We brought the boxes inside and she looked at me. I could tell by her eyes what she was thinking. We grabbed each other and hit the floor. I almost tore her clothes off. There was intense kissing as we undressed. I thrust my head between her thighs and began to lick her pussy. Her taste was so sweet. She began to buck her hips and was screaming with pleasure. She came over and over on my face. She begged me to take her. I pulled her up to me and she guided me inside. I began fucking her while kissing her neck and lips. We grabbed each others hands as we made passionate sex. I could feel myself ready to cum, and I pulled her ass off the ground as I came inside her. I let out a big moan and she was shaking and screaming. We layed there on the ground, my juices trickling out of her. I wondered if this was the last time I was going to have her...

ShavenStud05 43M

3/2/2005 8:30 am

The answer to this fantasy:
It will have to wait untill this mini-series is through!

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