Sex and Chocolate...Cake?  

ShareOurLove3 38M/37F
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1/19/2006 11:59 am

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12/6/2008 5:56 pm

Sex and Chocolate...Cake?

Recently I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with something special. I thought about it all day and when it finally came to me, I was standing in the supermarket staring at the cake section. On a whim, I picked up a beautifully decorated chocolate masterpiece of a cake and put it into the cart. Then I went to the dairy aisle and picked up a can of whipped cream. I could barely contain my excitement as I waited for him to come home that evening. To be honest, I had to get myself off a couple of times to ease the pressure. When he walked through the door I grabbed his hand and led him into the shower, where we caressed and soaped one another's bodies. After the shower, we lay side by side on the bed and I told him I had a surprise. I pulled the cake and whipped cream from under the bed and showed it to him. He took a bit on his finger and tasted it. I put some on my pussy and let him lick it off, and by then he was so excited that he plopped the whole cake between my legs. It was cold and quite heavy, and not altogether unpleasant. He smeared the cake all over my tits and stuck his fingers in my cunt. He sprayed the whipped cream all over me, and I did the same to him. Amazingly, his hard cock found my honey hole and he slid on top of me, inside me and we had sticky, beautiful, messy sex. At one point he grabbed a handful of cake and stuffed it in my mouth, smearing it all over my face. We had mutual orgasms that were strong and long, and to this day I love to get myself off to the memory of that night. Ryan still likes to call me his "Cakewhore". I have a picture from that night that I will share with you all. Well, I hope you enjoyed my little blog.

rm_freckle234 39F

1/25/2006 12:05 pm

Sounds really, really hot.

livnlifelarge 39M/33F

2/19/2006 11:19 am + food = great times, every time. and i love how vivdly your described. i felt like i was ryan for a moment. nice imagination!

NikCor2006 43M/40F
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2/2/2009 6:35 pm

Did I mention I am a professional Baker specializing in chocolate cake. and am a dairy farmer on the! Nice blog, very sexy and erotic and sounds pleasurable! we would love to join you both.
Nik & Cor

Coconut2121 26M
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3/28/2012 7:03 pm

sounds like fun and id love to join everyone for some cake fun .. message me up

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