Hotty in The Hot Tub  

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8/17/2006 7:27 am

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Hotty in The Hot Tub

After spending two days in the god-blessed Atlanta airport, all I wanted was a beer (or 6) and a hot tub to relax in. Luckily, I had booked a room that had a nice pool area and jacuzzi. I was so dog-tired, I felt like I had been beaten up and thrown down a flight of stairs.So I put on my suit and got in the jacuzzi, expecting nothing more than to relax enough to go to sleep. I got a big surprise though
There were several people in the jacuzzi when I first got in, and they all seemed to know each together, possilbly be traveling together, as most had Italian accents. But one guy stood out as the hottest of the group, and I noticed he was not Italian, but american, and very sexy on top of being really polite ( a total turn on to me).
I was not looking for sex that night, I really wasn't, because of how dag-blasted worn out I was, but he kept flirting with me, and when everyone else had left the pool area, he asked me up to his room for a "back rub" and I couldn't resist!
He rubbed lotion all over my sore and aching back and I almost went to sleep, but then he pulled me over to lay face up and planted his face between my legs!He really knew how to eat pussy, and I came over and over inspite of myself!He pampered me and treated me like a princess.Then came the sex!!I was surprised how much I could get into it, a true testament to this man's skill as I was soooooo tired!! I even told him, "hey, I am usually more active than this" and he laughed and said, "you're fine, just lay there and cum"!!!LOL
So I did!!
Now, as some of you know from reading my previous blogs here, that "just laying there" isn't my style in the bedroom but I was so worn out I did just that, and let me tell you, it didn't seem to bother him a bit!!After the good sex, I went to bed in my own room, but was awoken bright and early by this guy knocking on my door and wanting more!! I love morning sex, and had a lot more energy that morning, I made up for 'just laying there" the night before by giving him what he later proclaimed as the best blow job he'd ever had! (I love being told that!!)
We got together again that night, and had a grand old time, we were very comfortable with each other, and had great chemistry. Hope I stay in touch with Mr. Hotty so I will have a play mate when we move back out here!

lifeisablast333 53M

8/18/2006 9:39 pm

that was a hot deal....the redneck

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