Going Home  

Shameless_Biotch 48F
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8/17/2006 7:04 am
Going Home

Today is my last day in Cali, and although I can't wait to move back out here next year, I am tired and ready to go back to Georgia for a awhile. I have not had a good night's sleep since I've been here, due to a very hard bed in the guest room and a lot of late nights up with friends. I have discovered many things about myself on this trip, mainly that Cali is home, and I want to move back here more than ever.
My 14 yr old daughter needs me here, too. She keeps getting in trouble, not major trouble, she just keeps doing things that get her attention. The wrong kind of attwntion, IE the cops picking her up for trespassing last night. I wish I could postpone my trip back to GA for a few weeks so I could be here when she goes to court, but I will have to leave that for her inept and undisciplined father, dammit.
Today I was going to go spoil her, buy her more school stuff, but she really messed up last night and I will not reward it. But I will go to the beach with her, or something else free where we can hang out and talk.

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