A story for Shannee...or, An Endless Day on Holy Stump Hill..  

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7/11/2006 10:44 pm

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A story for Shannee...or, An Endless Day on Holy Stump Hill..

It was a perfect summer day to take a walk on her favorite trail, Holy Stump Hill, the sun shone brightly, through occasional puffy white clouds, chasing each other on the soft scented breeze. She could smell the pine trees' pungent sap as she wove her way deeper and deeper into the forest, mindless of everything except what her legs were doing. The birds sang to her a happy, carefree song as she wandered by, which filled her with the simple joy of being alive. Wildflowers waved at her from beside the trail, bringing a smile to her lips. She bent down to pick some, these will look great in a vase at my party tonight, she thought happily...Rising from picking the flowers, she thought she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, but when she turned to look, there was nothing there but an old tree stump, rotting quietly to itself.She decided it was time for a water break, and grabbing her water bottle, took a seat on the stump for a moment. All was quiet except for her breathing and the various little scratching noises that the birds and small rodents make as they search the underbrush for food. All at once, the regular scufflings in the bushes ceased, eerily silencing the forest. The sunlight suddenly flashed right in her eyes,so brightly that she was temporarily blinded. In almost a panic, she reached up to cover her face, and dropped the flowers she had picked, just minutes before, on the ground beside the stump.She sat nervously on the stump until her vision cleared, and much to her surprise, there was a man standing in front of her when she looked up. Not just any man, a very handsome, long haired, bearded man with a body that almost took her breath away. Her fantasy man, complete with tight black leather pants and a black shirt, that laced up at the neck with leather cord.She tried to form words to ask this gorgeous stranger where he had come from,and inquire his name when she discovered she couldn't form the words, she was mute with awe and wonder that seemed to wash over her suddenly, like a warm blanket.She somehow felt taken over, posessed by a strange urge to get up and kiss him, and to her surprise, she did just that!
His strong arms encirlcled her in the warmest embrace she had ever felt, and his lips tasted faintly of cherries, as if he had just set down a bowl of them.She felt helpless, controlled by a thousand strange new feelings awakened by the touch of his soft warm mouth, his expert carresses, and his soulful green eyes. Was she somehow enchanted?? She pulled away and tried, vainly, to shake this odd feeling from her head. Then she felt drawn back into his arms, to kiss and kiss and kiss for what seemed like an eternity...all sense of time was abandoned as he drew her down next to him, on the ground beside the stump, and started to undress her. Off came her hiking boots, tank top and shorts, and since she never wore underwear, that was all he had to remove until she lay there, gloriously naked in the sunshine,unable to get up. His hands roamed over her body, igniting fires so hot within her, she felt like she would explode. This must be a dream, she thought, no one has ever made me feel this good before, no one has ever touched me so perfectly, found all my sensitive places so easily, made me so weak with desire for him to fill me up. As if following instruction, she felt herself sit up and take off his pants, freeing a considerably large and beautiful cock, and she went down and sucked it as if she had done it many times before.She could feel him approach his climax, and she stopped suddenly, jumping up on him and jammed her pussy down on that fine cock. She rode him for a minute, really hard, and he came deep inside her, filling her with the warmest sensation she had ever felt inside her pussy before, it was magical. She could feel the energy flowing white hot between them, could feel how his cock seemed to be made just for her.Her hot pussy felt like a roiling steaming furnace, about to blow.She continued to slip his cock slowly in and out of her grateful hole until she felt him get steel hard again, and slammed that magical cock deep in her dripping pussy once again, making her cum with an exstacy she never had before in her life....

Scene: Summertime in a Police Station, Rural Maine

"I know you said she had boyfriends, couldn't she have, ya know, run off with one of them?" the exasperated stupid looking cop said to the distraught men.
"No," said her husband firmly, "it was her birthday and we had made plans with the kids to decorate the cake, she never would've left them in the lurch like that... we had a party planned for later that evening, too. About 20 people expected, she'd never walk out on a party of her closest friends and family. Out of the question."
"Well, I tell you what, why don't you give it 24 hours, and then if she hasn't contacted you by then we will go out and search the trail you say you found her car at," said the dumb police officer, moving away from the counter to grab some coffee and donuts...

***Sound in the background of a fax machine spewing out a page...camera pans behind the counter and closes up on the fax page...
It reads: "At least five women reported missing in the last few days, near Holy Stump Hill, Maine, may be the work of a serial killer...please report any missing persons immediately to the FBI..."
the page finishes printing, falls on to the floor, face down...***

rm_shannee2006 52F
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7/12/2006 10:02 am

I loved that love scene. Very sexy!!!

What happens next? Do I ever make it home? Or do I spend eternity fucking that man? Sometimes I wish a man had eternity to please me because some days it feels like it takes that long and he's not up to it. LOL!

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


rm_rovinghound 57M
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7/12/2006 11:11 am

Hi Shameless
This is the first time reading one of your blogs I bow to your sense of adventure. Very nice

Shameless_Biotch 48F

7/12/2006 11:13 pm

shannee...I'm glad you liked it, wasn't sure with the whole serial killer reference!!LOL But I really don't know what happened to you ladies....was that guy a spirit, a harpee? or ws he a serial killer with some kind of mind control??Really, I don't know, so I left it up to the reader!!

Rovinghound---welcome to my blog, hope you saw something you liked!!Come back anytime

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