A Night In The Dungeon...  

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A Night In The Dungeon...

She walked down the corridor, as if in a dream,naked except for black stockings and a black leather collar, her leash in her mouth, eyes lowered. She felt like she was floating on a sea of endorphins, her whole body was electrified, every cell vibrant and alive.It was as if she were floating in her own little world,and she was barely conscious of other people looking, no, staring at her as she drifted past them to use the restroom quickly and return to The Dungeon...
She had never played in a public dungeon before and it had always been one of her favorite, darker fantasies to be spanked and whipped into a frenzy in front of a crowd. Well, tonight there was quite a crowd gathered, some inside the dungeon, some outside, more anonymously, gazing, entralled, through the window.She had been on display, her naked ass in the air, on her hands and knees on the spanking horse. Blindfolded and shackled at the wrists,she had taken her flogging like a good slave, getting so wet, the crowd could see her hot pussy juices running down her legs. Her Dom used many different instruments to get her going.... a leather cat-[I]o'nine-tails, a ping pong paddle, a cane made of wood, his bare hand. All of these were used with skill and precision, lovingly taking her close to the edge of orgasm, using his developing knowledge of her tender body to bring her to heights of sensations she had only dramed about.Alternating from buttcheek to buttcheek, to torso and shoulders, to thighs and hips, he beat her with the greatest of care not to hurt, but to build up sensations, push her over the edge of ultimate pleasure. She felt like she was floating, somewhere between pain and exstacy...
As she re-entered the dungeon, she immediately went to her Dom and knelt at his feet, eyes lowerd submissively, palms up...She was humbly, silently, asking for acknowledgement and praise. She didn't have to wait long, as she felt his hand running through her hair, softly praising her, asking her if she was enjoying herself, if she was having fun.
She gazed up into his eyes, breaking protocal for a brief moment to meet his eyes. Her face and eyes shining, she whispered, hoarsely, "Oh yes, Sir!"
"Good. Now, get up and bend over, show me your ass," he quietly commanded. She tried to jump up, to do his bidding, but her knees were still weak from his earlier treatments, and she needed his hand to steady her,help to find her balance.She bent over and displayed her reddened ass, and much to her surprise, recieved a beautiful ass-worshipping massage, smoothing out any roughness she may have felt from his earlier ministrations. She glanced over her shoulder, grinning ear to ear as she was slowly coming back to earth, and she was beginning to realize just how many people had witnessed her birth into the BDSM world. She felt like a newborn...fresh, alive, exploring this brand new way of living.
"Do you know how long you were being spanked, little one?" her Dom asked in her ear...
"No, Sir, I don't have the faintest idea, I was pretty out of it there for a while." she grinned.
"You were on the horse for about 45 minutes,the longest time you have ever tolerated, and harder than you have ever been able to stand too," he praised her, still stroking her silky, beautifully reddened ass. She basked in his loving aftercare, feeling safe and satisfied in a way she never knew before.

rm_rooworld 48M

7/4/2006 7:09 am

What a great writer you are, Shameless!
Drawing on past experiences I take it??
Not very experienced in the BDSM spanking Dept. but ass-worshipping massage...I'm all about it @!@

Such a sexy story! Please tell us more!

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