How do you eat yours???  

Sexysluttylady 48F
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9/22/2005 3:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How do you eat yours???

Chips of course - what on earth did you think I meant LOL?

As a sandwich?

Covered in ketchup or another sort of sauce?

Covered in salt and vinegar?

Priapeo 46M

9/23/2005 9:03 am

Raw, one by one.

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level then beats you with experience

BrownEyedBoy__1 45M
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9/23/2005 11:56 am

so many ways! out of paper with salt n vinegar at the seaside (in the car in the rain)

in gravy!

smothered in salad cream!

on a sandwich with a chicken & mushroom pukka pie & mushy peas (all on the sandwich!)

(sorry, i haven't had chips in ages and am suffering withdrawal...)

Fallic40 53M
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9/23/2005 8:27 pm

lots of salt and vinegar


sometimes with ranch dressing

rm_suetom40s 56M/57F

9/24/2005 7:10 am

sexylady i like your comments and i would like to get to know you darling

pauls337 50M
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9/30/2005 5:29 pm

A good chip is an object of beauty. Not your mcdonalds rubbish but a big fat home made chip with salt on dipped in tom sauce. Not too fat or they are raw in the middle , and not too thin or they are too hard. Not too long or they bend on your fork and not too short cos you need to turn over and dip both ends.

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